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ZXGD3112N7 is a 400V Active OR'ing MOSFET controller designed for driving a very low RDS(ON) Power MOSFET as an ideal diode. This replaces the standard rectifier to reduce the forward voltage drop and overall increase the power transfer efficiency.

The ZXGD3112N7 can be used on both high-side and low-side power supply units (PSU) with rails up to ±400V. It enables very low RDS(ON) MOSFETs to operate as ideal diodes as the turn-off threshold is only 3mV with ±2mV tolerance. In the typical 48V configuration, the standby power consumption is <50mW as the low quiescent supply current is <1mA. During PSU fault condition, the OR'ing Controller detects the power reduction and rapidly turns off the MOSFET in <600ns to block reverse current flow and avoid the common bus voltage dropping.


  • (N + 1) Redundant Power Supplies
  • Telecom Power Supplies
  • High Voltage Data Centers and Servers
  • Remote Feeding


  • Active OR'ing MOSFET Controller for High- or Low-Side PSU
  • Ideal Diode to Reduce Forward Voltage Drop
  • -3mV Typical Turn-Off Threshold with ±2mV Tolerance
  • 400V Drain Voltage Rating
  • 25V VCC Rating
  • <50mW Standby Power with Quiescent Supply Current <1mA
  • <600ns Turn-Off Time to Minimize Reverse Current

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Qualified to AECQ10x No
Automotive Compliant PPAP No
Supply Voltage VCC 25 V
Drain Voltage VD 400 V
Source Current ISOURCE 2 A
Sink Current ISINK 5 A
Turn-Off Time (td2) 400 ns
Turn-Off Time (tf) 131 ns

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Orderable Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
ZXGD3112N7TC Mouser Electronics Inc. 1754 8/3/2020 Buy Now United States
ZXGD3112N7TC Digi-Key Electronics 2473 8/2/2020 Buy Now United States
ZXGD3112N7TC RS Components 2185 8/2/2020 Buy Now England
ZXGD3112N7TC RS Components Ltd. 2185 8/2/2020 Buy Now Japan