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3W Stereo Class D

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The PAM8403 is a 3W, class-D audio amplifier. It offers low THD+N, allowing it to achieve high-quality sound reproduction. The new filterless architecture allows the device to drive the speaker directly, requiring no low-pass output filters, thus saving system cost and PCB area. With the same numbers of external components, the efficiency of the PAM8403 is much better than that of Class-AB cousins. It can extend the battery life, which makes it well-suited for portable applications. The PAM8403 is available in SOP-16 package.


  • LCD Monitors / TV Projectors
  • Notebook Computers
  • Portable Speakers
  • Portable DVD Players, Game Machines
  • Cellular Phones/Speaker Phones


  • 3W Output at 10% THD with a 4Ω Load and 5V Power Supply
  • Filterless, Low Quiescent Current and Low EMI
  • Low THD+N
  • Superior Low Noise
  • Efficiency up to 90%
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Few External Components to Save the Space and Cost
  • Pb-Free Package
  • Product Specifications

    Product Parameters

    Minimum VDD (V) 2.5
    Qualified to AECQ10x No
    Automotive Compliant PPAP No
    Maximum VDD 5.5 V
    IQ 8 mA
    Power/CH (W) @ THD=10% 3.2
    Power/CH (W) @ THD=1% 2.56
    Mono or Stereo Stereo
    BTL N/A
    SE N/A
    Class-D or AB D
    Power Limit N/A
    Anti-Sat N/A
    Headphone Out N/A
    Efficiency 87 %
    Volume/ Gain Fixed
    Gain Min N/A dB
    Gain Max 24 dB
    SNR 80 dB
    PSRR -58 dB
    Special Feature N/A

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    Orderable Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
    PAM8403DR Arrow Electronics 394 9/27/2020 Buy Now United States
    PAM8403DR Digi-Key Electronics 3088 9/27/2020 Buy Now United States
    PAM8403DR Farnell, An Avnet Company 4527 9/27/2020 Buy Now England
    PAM8403DR Mouser Electronics Inc. 4130 9/27/2020 Buy Now United States
    PAM8403DR RS Components 460 9/26/2020 Buy Now England
    PAM8403DR RS Components Ltd. 240 9/26/2020 Buy Now Japan
    PAM8403DR-H Digi-Key Electronics 10440 9/27/2020 Buy Now United States
    PAM8403DR-H Farnell, An Avnet Company 873 9/27/2020 Buy Now England
    PAM8403DR-H Mouser Electronics Inc. 3640 9/27/2020 Buy Now United States