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AP3609 (Obsolete)

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The AP3609 is an eight-channel constant current sink with current match used for °C driver. It uses an external resistor to set the current for eight °C strings with an accuracy of ±1.5%. The full scale °C current can be adjusted from 10mA to 100mA for each channel. The °C light can be adjusted by PWM dimming function. The device can keep working when °C opens without damage. It features under voltage lockout protection and over temperature protection. The AP3609 has two interface terminals (FB and FBX). They enable the device to be connected in parallel.


· Input Voltage Range: 4.2V to 5.5V · Typical Output Current: 480mA (60mA/1V per Channel) · Maximum Output Current: 800mA (100mA/1.5V per Channel) · Current Match Accuracy: ±1.5% · PWM Dimming Control · Open °C Self-check and Protection · Under Voltage Lockout Protection · Over Temperature Protection · Enable Parallel Application


· Notebook · LCD Display Modules · LCD Monitor · LCD TV

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PCN-2380 2018-11-07 2019-05-07 Device End of Life (EOL)