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This transistor combines high gain, high current operation and low saturation voltage making it ideal for power MOSFET gate driving and low loss power switching.


  • Power MOSFET gate driving
  • Low loss power switching
  • Product Specifications

    Product Parameters

    Qualified to AECQ10x Yes
    Automotive Compliant PPAP On Request*
    Product Type NPN
    VCEO, VCES 40 V
    IC 1 A
    ICM 2 A
    PD 0.35 W
    hFE 300 Min
    hFE (@ IC) 0.5 A
    hFE (Min 2) 200
    hFE (@ IC2) 1 A
    VCE (SAT) Max 200 mV
    VCE (SAT) (@ IC/IB) (A/m A) 1/100
    VCE (SAT) (Max.2) 300 mV
    VCE (SAT) (@ IC/IB2) (A/m A) 3/600
    fT 150
    RCE(SAT) N/A mΩ

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    Technical Documents

    SPICE Model


    MDS Reports

    Recommended Soldering Techniques

    RoHS CofC

    Orderable Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
    ZXTN2040FTA Arrow Electronics 641 1/26/2020 Buy Now United States
    ZXTN2040FTA Arrow Electronics Central EU 6989 1/26/2020 Buy Now Germany
    ZXTN2040FTA Digi-Key Electronics 6598 1/26/2020 Buy Now United States


    Product Change Notices

    PCN # Issue Date Subject
    PCN-2252 2017-02-24 Add Additional Plating Process Site at Diodes Technology (Chengdu) Company Limited (CAT) for Select Parts
    PCN-2330 2018-03-29 Qualification of Additional A/T site and Conversion to Palladium Coated Copper Bond Wire on Select Discrete Products