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ZNBG3118 (Obsolete)

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The ZNBG3118 is a bias and control solution designed for Satellite Low Noise Blocks (LNB’s). Providing three bias stages to power control and protect the GaAs or HEMT FET low noise amplifier’s (LNA’s). The ZNBG3118 integrates an accurate voltage detector to select the LNB polarisation channel and an advanced tone detector to select the local oscillator (LO) for band switching.


  • Provides bias for up to three GaAs and HEMT FETs
  • Dynamic FET protection and temperature compensation
  • Drain current set by external resistor
  • Regulated negative rail generator requires only 2 external capacitors
  • Accurate voltage detector and polarisation switch for LNB’s
  • 22kHz tone detection for band switching with rejection of unwanted signals
  • Band switch supports both Discrete, MIMIC and PLL local oscillators
  • Compliant with ASTRA control specifications
  • Low current for power efficient systems
  • Wide operating supply range of 3.3V to 8V
  • Application(s)

  • Single Output LNB’s
  • Two single type twin LNB’s
  • Low power LNB’s
  • PLL Single LNB’s
  • Product Specifications

    Product Parameters

    FTONE 22
    LNA Bias Stages 3
    LNA IDRAIN (mA) 15
    LNA VDRAIN (V) 2
    Maximum Total Load -
    Mixer Bias Stages -
    Mixer IDRAIN na
    VG OFF -2.5
    VNEG (V) -2.5
    VOUT -
    VPOL 15.5

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