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The ZM33164-3 is a three terminal under vol tage monitor circui t for use in microprocessor systems. The threshold voltage of the device has been set to 2.68 volts making it ideal for 3 volt circuits. Included in the device is a precise voltage reference and a comparator with built in hysteresis to prevent erratic operation. The ZM33164-3 features an open collector output capable of sinking at least l0mA which only requires a single external resistor to interface to following circuits. Operation of the device is guaranteed from one volt upwards, from this level to the device threshold voltage the output is held low providing a power on reset function. Should the supply voltage, once established, at any time drop below the threshold level then the output again will pull low. The device is available in a TO92 package for through hole applications as well as SOT223 for surface mount requirements.


  • SOT223 and TO92 packages
  • Power on reset generator
  • Automatic reset generation
  • Low standby current
  • Guaranteed operation from 1V
  • Wide supply voltage range
  • Internal clamp diode to discharge delay capacitor
  • 2.68V threshold for 3V logic
  • 60mV hysteresis prevents erratic operation


  • Microprocessor systems
  • Computers
  • Computer peripherals
  • Instrumentation
  • Automotive
  • Battery powered equipment

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Fixed Detect Voltages (V) 2.68 V
Adjustable Detect Voltage Reference Voltage (V) N/A V
Number of Channels 1
Minimum Operating Voltage (V) 1 V
Maximum Input Voltage (V) 10 V
Quiescent Current (µA) 190 µA
Typical Time Delay (µs) 2.5 µs
Reset Period (ms) 0 ms
RESET Output (Active High) No (Active High)
RESET Output (Active Low) Yes (Active Low)
Manual RESET No
Watchdog No
Watchdog Time (s) None s
Power Fail Comparator Threshold (V) None V
Reset Output Topology Open-Collector
Ambient Temperature Range  (°C) -40 to 85 °C

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