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ZLNB101 (Obsolete)

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The ZLNB101 dual polarisation switch controller is one of a wide range of satellite receiver LNB support circuits. It features two completely independent channels, each providing two logic outputs under the control of a voltage sensitive input. It is intended for use in Twin LNB designs, replacing many dIscrete components to save both manufacturing cost and PCB size whilst improving reliability. The two inputs of the ZLNB101 have a nominal threshold of 14.5V. Their threshold is temperature compensated to minimise drift. Each features a low and stable input current that enables transient protection to be achieved with the addition of only a single resistor per channel. Normal and an inverted outputs are provided for each input. All outputs can source 15mA and sink 10mA making them suitable to drive TTL and CMOS logic, pin diodes and for IF-amp supply switching. The ZLNB101 operates from a single supply of between 5-12V. Its quiescent current is typically only 4mA and this does not change significantly with load or logic state. It is available in either the standard SO8 or space saving MSOP8 surface mount packages. Device operating temperature is -40°C to +85°C to suit a wide range of environmental conditions.


  • provides polarity detection and control
  • transient resistant
  • low input current
  • low supply current
  • temperature compensated input threshold
  • standard and inverted output available simultaneously wide supply operating range
  • dual polarisation switch
  • eliminates external components
  • simplifies design
  • Application(s)

  • twin LNBs
  • IF switch box
  • LNB switch boxes
  • Product Specifications

    Product Parameters

    Controller Type Amp
    FTONE -
    Number of Control Ports 1
    Number of Rec Detect No
    Output Ports Type Std
    VCC (V) 12
    VPOL 15

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