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This Super Barrier Rectifier (SBR) diode has been designed to meet the stringent requirements of Automotive Application combining low forward voltage drop with unrivalled ultra low leakage current and avalanche capability.


  • Polarity Protection Diode
  • Re-Circulating Diode
  • Switching Diode 
  • Blocking Diode
  • DC-DC Converter
  • AC-DC Converter


  • Low Forward Voltage Drop, Ultra Low Leakage
  • TJ(MAX)= +175°C
  • Excellent High Temperature Stability 
  • Unrivalled Avalanche Capability
  • Patented Super Barrier Rectifier SBR® Technology
  • Soft, Fast Switching Capability
  • Lead-Free Finish; RoHS Compliant 
  • Halogen and Antimony Free. “Green” Device 
  • Qualified to AEC-Q101 Standards for High Reliability
  • PPAP Capable

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Forward Voltage Drop VF (V) 0.88
Qualified to AECQ10x Yes
Automotive Compliant PPAP Yes
Configuration Single
Maximum Average Rectified Current IO 10 A
@ Terminal Temperature TT N/A ºC
Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage VRRM 100 V
Peak Forward Surge Current IFSM 220 A
@ IF 10 A
Maximum Reverse Current IR 2 µA
@ VR 100 V
Reverse Recovery Time trr N/A ns
Total Capacitance CT 245 pF

Technical Documents

Recommended Soldering Techniques
Orderable Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
SBR10M100P5Q-13 Digi-Key Electronics 2046 1/21/2020 Buy Now United States
SBR10M100P5Q-13 Mouser Electronics Inc. 9234 1/21/2020 Buy Now United States


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