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PI3VDP612-A (Not Recommended for New Design (NRND))

NRND = Not Recommended for New Design

2.7Gbps 4-Lane DP1.1a Switch with Triple Control Logic

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Product Description

The PI3VDP612-A mux/demux is targeted for next generation digital video signals. This device can be used to connect a DisplayPort™ Source to two Independent Display- Port Sinks or to connect two DisplayPort sources to a single DP display. The newly released DisplayPort spec requires a data rate of 2.7 Gbps with AC coupled I/Os. Diodes' solution has been specifically designed around this standard and will support such signals.


  • 4-lane, 1:2 mux/demux that will support 2.7Gbps or 1.62Gbps DP rev 1.1a signals
  • 1-channel 1:2 mux/demux for DP_HPD signal
  • 1-differential channel 1:2 mux/demux for DP_Aux signal
  • Insertion Loss for high speed channels @ 2.7 Gbps: -1.5dB
  • -3dB Bandwidth for high speed channels of 3.25 Ghz
  • Low Bit-to-Bit Skew , 7ps max (between '+' and '-' bits)
  • Low Crosstalk for high speed channels: -33dB@2.7 Gbps
  • Low Off Isolation for high speed channels: -26dB@2.7 Gbps
  • VDD Operating Range: 3.3V ±10%
  • ESD Tolerance: +/-8kV contact on Ports A and B per IEC61000-4-2 Specification
  • Low channel-to-channel skew, 35ps max
  • Packaging (Pb-free & Green):
    • -56 TQFN (ZFE)
    • -42 TQFN (ZHE)


Routing of DisplayPort signals with low signal attenuation between source and sink.

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Configuration 6-Differential Channel 2:1
Differential Channels 8,4
HotInsertion N/A
Lanes 8,4
RailToRail 0
Signal Type Differential
Single Ended Channels 12
Voltage 3.3

Technical Documents

Recommended Soldering Techniques


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Application information, Evaluation board, and Other technical documents

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PCN-2328 2018-04-12 2018-10-12 Device End of Life for tray packaging only


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