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APX810 (Not Recommended for new design)

NRND = Not Recommended for New Design

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The APX809/810 are used for microprocessor (µP) supervisory circuits to monitor the power supplies in µP and digital systems. They provide excellent circuit reliability and low cost by eliminating external components and adjustments when used with +5V, +3.3V, +3.0V powered circuits. These circuits perform a single function: they assert a reset signal whenever the VCC supply voltage declines below a preset threshold, keeping it asserted for at least 240ms after VCC has risen above the reset threshold. Reset thresholds suitable for operation with a variety of supply voltages are available. The APX809/810 have push pull outputs. The APX809 have an active low RESET output, while the APX810 has an active high RESET output. The reset comparator is designed to ignore fast transients on VCC, and the outputs are guaranteed to be in the correct logic state for VCC down to 1V. Low supply current makes the APX809/810 ideal for use in portable equipment. The APX809/810 is available in a 3-pin SOT23 and SOT23R package.


  • Precision Monitoring of +2.5V, +3V, +3.3V, and +5V Power-Supply Voltages
  • Fully Specified Over Temperature
  • Available in three Output Configurations
  • Push-Pull RESET Active Low (APX809)
  • Push-Pull RESET Active High (APX810)
  • 200ms Typ Power-On Reset Pulse Width
  • 30μA Supply Current (Typ.)
  • Guaranteed Reset Valid to VCC = +1V
  • No External Components
  • SOT23 and SOT23R: Available in “Green” Molding Compound (No Br, Sb)
  • Lead Free Finish/RoHS Compliant


  • Computers
  • Controllers
  • Intelligent Instruments
  • Critical ?P and ?C Power Monitoring
  • Portable/Battery Powered Equipment
  • Automotive

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PCN-2312 2018-04-11 2018-07-11 Qualification of Additional Bill of Materials (BOM), Top Marking, and Fab Source for Select Products