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AP3700A (Obsolete)

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The AP3700/A is a green-mode pulse width modulation (PWM) controller. It is specially designed for low power applications such as off-line battery chargers, where the needs for low standby power, space saving and low cost are all required. In a battery charger rated 5V/1A, the maximum standby power is only 0.18Watt. In normal operation, the AP3700/A switches on and off at a fixed switching frequency of 60 kHz. With a current limit capability of 460mA for AP3700 and 500mA for AP3700A, the AP3700/A can directly drive the emitter of high voltage NPN transistor. When output power falls below a given level, the IC enters skip cycle mode to reduce power consumption. The AP3700/A also features under-voltage lockout, over-current and short circuit protections.


· Current Mode Control with Skip Cycle Capability · Lower Operating Current: 0.45mA · Fixed Switching Frequency: 60 kHz · Frequency Dithering for Low EMI: ±2.5kHz · Under-Voltage Lockout Protection · Over-Current Protection · Internal Short Circuit Protection · Higher Output Voltage at OUT Terminal · Low Total Cost Solution


· Battery Chargers · Off-Line Power Supplies

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