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Application Notes

AN # Unsorted Column Description Download Date Unsorted Column
AN220-P SlimLine™ PCI Express® Packet Switch - Industrial Temperature Support PDF (43 KB) 08/2008
AN218-P Pericom PCIe®1.0 Clock Tree Products Pericom PCIe®2.0 clock advance solution PDF (479 KB) 08/2008
AN222-P PCIe UART I/O Bridge: Guide of Industrial Temperature Support for PI7C9X7952A, PI7C9X7954A, and PI7C9X7958A PDF (43 KB) 08/2008
AN221-P PI7C9X20303UL UltraLo™ PCI Express® Packet Switch - Industrial Temperature Support PDF (43 KB) 08/2008
AN219-P GreenPacket™ PCI Express® Packet Switch - Industrial Temperature Support PDF (44 KB) 08/2008
DN89 MR16 EMC compliant reference design PDF (374 KB) 08/2008
AN1026 Some Application Hints for AP3406 PDF (70 KB) 08/2008
ANP030_AP2014A AP2014/A PDF (344 KB) 07/2008
AN211-P PI3HDMI101 HDMI-HDMI Demo Board Rev.B User Manual PDF (736 KB) 06/2008
AN217-P PI3HDMI231-A/B Demo Board Rev.B User Manual PDF (846 KB) 06/2008
AN212-P PI3HDMI201 HDMI-HDMI Demo Board Rev. A User manual PDF (741 KB) 05/2008
AN53 DC-DC PoL conversion using Zetex' ZXMN2F34MA MOSFET PDF (164 KB) 04/2008
ANP022 AP1512/A 50KHz, 2A/3A PWM Buck DC/DC Converter PDF (240 KB) 04/2008
AN209-P ASSP: OC and EQ Settings on Notebook Application PDF (695 KB) 03/2008
DN81 Lighting design note handbook PDF (3.1 MB) 03/2008
AN214-P The Circuits for Leakage Prevention in Source Application PDF (86 KB) 02/2008
AN52 IGBT gate drive considerations in electronic lamp ballasts PDF (241 KB) 02/2008
DN80 Bipolar transistors for MOSFET gate driving applications. PDF (69 KB) 02/2008
AN39 Current measurement applications handbook. PDF (517 KB) 01/2008
AN45 High voltage current monitoring using the ZXCT series in power supplies. PDF (129 KB) 11/2007
DN77 Transient and noise protection for Zetex ZXCT series current monitors. PDF (144 KB) 11/2007
AN50 Feed forward compensation for ZXSC300 LED driver PDF (99 KB) 10/2007
AN51 Precision voltage regulation for ultra-low noise applications PDF (100 KB) 10/2007
DN86 Reduced component count and compact reference design for MR16 replacement lamps using multiple 1W LEDs PDF (387 KB) 10/2007
AN17 Emergency lighting systems and battery powered fluorescent lighting - high current TO92 switching transistors provide 87% DC-AC PDF (142 KB) 10/2007
AN207-P PI3HDMI1210 Demo Board Rev.A User manual PDF (474 KB) 09/2007
AN208-P PI3HDMI1210-A Demo Board Rev A User Manual PDF (518 KB) 09/2007
AN206-P HDMI Source Test ID 7-3 VOFF Test Setup PDF (301 KB) 08/2007
DN61 ZXSC310 solution for a 1W high power white LED PDF (243 KB) 08/2007
DN63 ZXSC310 solution to drive 8 LEDs connected in series PDF (103 KB) 08/2007
DN78 ZXSC310 with reverse polarity protection PDF (180 KB) 08/2007
DN84 ZXSC400 Driving 3W high power LEDs PDF (121 KB) 08/2007
DN85 ZXSC400 1W/3W buck LED drivers PDF (162 KB) 08/2007
DN70 ZXSC400 driving 2 serial high power LEDs PDF (112 KB) 07/2007
DN71 ZXSC400 solution for 5W high powered LED PDF (111 KB) 07/2007
AN204-P 4-Layer PCB Layout Guideline for HDMI Products PDF (207 KB) 06/2007
AN205-P ReDriver: PI2EQX4401D x1PCIe Storage System Rev.A User Manual PDF (802 KB) 06/2007
AN40 lithium ion battery charging using bipolar transistors PDF (183 KB) 06/2007
AN201-P TMDS Sink Current of Pericom's PI3HDMI412FT-A PDF (472 KB) 05/2007
AN200-P USB 2.0 Short Circuit Stress Test PDF (158 KB) 05/2007
AN48 Getting more out of the ZXLD1350 - high output current PDF (212 KB) 05/2007
DN55 A high efficiency royer driver for a scanner CCFL PDF (87 KB) 01/2007
DN82 Start up switches for switch mode power supplies PDF (156 KB) 09/2006
AN47 Getting more out of the ZXLD1350 - dimming techniques PDF (222 KB) 08/2006
AN44 Application note for the ZXSC300 / ZXSC310 high power LED drivers - for low voltage halogen replacement. PDF (115 KB) 07/2006
DN62 ZXSC310 solution to drive 3 LEDs connected in series. PDF (107 KB) 07/2006
DN64 ZXSC310 solution flashlight. PDF (110 KB) 07/2006
DN65 ZXSC310 solution for emergency light. PDF (111 KB) 07/2006
DN66 An OLED bias supply for a clamshell handset sub display. PDF (168 KB) 07/2006
DN67 ZXSC400 solution for 1W high powered LED PDF (159 KB) 07/2006