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人体红外线感应(PIR) 信号处理芯片

Diodes 的人体红外线感应(PIR) 信号处理芯片专门用于自动 PIR 控制系统(例如照明控制),可支持双向可控硅 (Triac) 产品应用的 2-wire 配置,或继电器 (Relay) 产品应用的 3-wire 配置。

PIR app diagram

Passive Infrared FAQs

Is there a replacement for an obsolete part?

Not all obsolete parts will have a direct replacement. However, we recommended that you contact your regional sales office.

What is the lead finish for Pericom products? What about lead-free?

All Pericom's products that are not lead-free are composed of 85% Sn and 15% Pb. For lead-free products, they are composed of 100% matte Sn. Lead-free products are marked and ordered with the letter "E" suffix at the end of the part number.

Where can I find Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) or Failures In Time (FIT) values for Pericom products?

FIT and MTBF data can be found at Pericom's Quality webpage.

Where can I find the information on your Pb-free and "Green" packaging?

Lead (Pb)-Free and Green information can be found on individual datasheets or Pb-Free & Green Page.