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USB Type C PD3.0 Sink Controllers Enable Fast and Cost Effective Charging

USB Type-C PD3.0 Sink 控制器可实现快速又具成本效益的充电

By Ernest Lin, Division Manager, AC-DC Power & Lighting (APL) Division

Most of us seem to end up with a drawer filled with old chargers, either for mobile phones, notebook PCs, or battery-powered home appliances and power tools.

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Electrical Threats to USB Type C Ports and How to Prevent Them

USB Type-C 端口的电气风险及防范方式

作者:初级应用工程师 Muhammad Zafar Kausar

消费者、工业及医疗等各类型的市场,皆需更轻薄短小、效能更高、功能更多、弹性更佳的装置。业界推出的最新 USB Type-C® (USB-C®) 接口及 Power Delivery (USB PD) 即可满足上述需求。

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The Complexities of USB Type C and How to Handle Them

USB Type-C 的复杂性与操作方式

作者:初级应用工程师 Muhammad Zafar Kausar

90年代中期问世的通用串行总线 (USB),现在已成为一种便利又普遍的互连技术,它简化了将个人计算机和周边装置 (像是打印机、扫描仪和键盘) 的连接线材的数量和多样性。

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