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AN # Sorted descending Description PDF Date Unsorted Column
TN1 Recommended Soldering Techniques PDF (336 KB)
SOT-23 Reliability PDF (169 KB) 11/1998
DN98 ZXLD1370 PCB Layout Guidelines PDF (105 KB) 11/2010
DN97 ZXGD3103 Boosts Set Top Box Power Supply Efficiency, Reduces Heat Dissipation PDF (127 KB) 11/2010
DN95 2.8A high current LED driving using ZXLD1320 with external power switch PDF (199 KB) 12/2008
DN94 High Performance Rectifiers Significantly Improve Server Power Supply Efficiency PDF (484 KB) 11/2008
DN93 Wide input voltage range SEPIC LED driver using ZXLD1321 with external power switch PDF (166 KB) 11/2008
DN92 ZXLD1360 and Super Barrier Rectifier ideally suited for 700mA LED current in MR16 application PDF (194 KB) 06/2009
DN91 Synchronous rectification improves set top box power supply efficiency PDF (876 KB) 11/2008
DN90 ZXGD3101 Synchronous MOSFET controller improves energy efficiency of dual-output power supply PDF (360 KB) 10/2008
DN9 Automotive security systems and RF transistor products. PDF (75 KB) 06/1995
DN89 MR16 EMC compliant reference design PDF (374 KB) 08/2008
DN86 Reduced component count and compact reference design for MR16 replacement lamps using multiple 1W LEDs PDF (387 KB) 10/2007
DN85 ZXSC400 1W/3W buck LED drivers PDF (162 KB) 08/2007
DN84 ZXSC400 Driving 3W high power LEDs PDF (121 KB) 08/2007
DN82 Start up switches for switch mode power supplies PDF (156 KB) 09/2006
DN81 Lighting design note handbook PDF (3.1 MB) 03/2008
DN80 Bipolar transistors for MOSFET gate driving applications. PDF (69 KB) 02/2008
DN8 8W, 12V fluorescent lamp. PDF (76 KB) 06/1995
DN79 ZXSC400 1W LED driver. PDF (118 KB) 05/2005
DN78 ZXSC310 with reverse polarity protection PDF (180 KB) 08/2007
DN77 Transient and noise protection for Zetex ZXCT series current monitors. PDF (144 KB) 11/2007
DN76 ZXLD1100 and ZXLD1101 driving from 3 to 6 LEDs. PDF (158 KB) 07/2006
DN75 ZXSC310 solar powered garden light reference design. PDF (120 KB) 07/2006
DN74 ZXSC400 photoflash LED reference design. PDF (132 KB) 07/2006
DN73 ZXSC300 step down converter for 3W LED. PDF (80 KB) 07/2006
DN72 ZXLD1101 driving 8 series LEDs. PDF (75 KB) 07/2006
DN71 ZXSC400 solution for 5W high powered LED PDF (111 KB) 07/2007
DN70 ZXSC400 driving 2 serial high power LEDs PDF (112 KB) 07/2007
DN7 Printer stepper motor drivers. PDF (76 KB) 06/1995
DN69 ZXSC310 garden light reference design. PDF (83 KB) 07/2006
DN68 ZXSC310 high power torch reference design. PDF (80 KB) 07/2006
DN67 ZXSC400 solution for 1W high powered LED PDF (159 KB) 07/2006
DN66 An OLED bias supply for a clamshell handset sub display. PDF (168 KB) 07/2006
DN65 ZXSC310 solution for emergency light. PDF (111 KB) 07/2006
DN64 ZXSC310 solution flashlight. PDF (110 KB) 07/2006
DN63 ZXSC310 solution to drive 8 LEDs connected in series PDF (103 KB) 08/2007
DN62 ZXSC310 solution to drive 3 LEDs connected in series. PDF (107 KB) 07/2006
DN61 ZXSC310 solution for a 1W high power white LED PDF (243 KB) 08/2007
DN60 Zetex high voltage MOSFETS in call router circuits. PDF (14 KB) 05/2001
DN6 6V battery operated fluorescent lamp. PDF (69 KB) 06/1995
DN59 Load switch. PDF (60 KB) 12/2000
DN55 A high efficiency royer driver for a scanner CCFL PDF (87 KB) 01/2007
DN54 High efficiency DC-DC converter, using high density SOT23-6 MOSFETs. PDF (62 KB) 12/2000
DN5 Remote control servo amplifier using protection free 1A DC rated SOT23 devices. PDF (69 KB) 06/1995
DN49 ZR2431 programmable supply monitor. PDF (58 KB) 02/1998
DN43 High efficiency DC-DC isolated converter. PDF (49 KB) 01/2000
DN40 Applications of the ZMR250 SOT23 miniature regulator. PDF (68 KB) 06/1996
DN4 Temperature effects on silicon semiconductor devices. PDF (69 KB) 06/1995
DN39 ZLDO series - quiescent current vs. dropout voltage. PDF (83 KB) 06/1996