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Integrated Solutions to USB Type-C Port Implementation Challenges

Highly integrated solutions for USB 3.2 data switching, USB Power Delivery and USB Battery Charging control, and transient protection help designers unleash the full potential of the USB Type-C interface.

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USB Type-C: Everything you need to know about delivering high-speed serial connectivity in your devices

As well as being faster and able to deliver more power than its predecessors, USB Type‐C® makes some outwardly noticeable changes to this ubiquitous connectivity standard. For one, there’s a new reversible connector, which isn’t keyed so can be plugged into a port either way up. Secondly, USB Type‐C will see the same connectors used on both ends of the cable.

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USB Type-C is Coming: 3 Things You’ve Just Gotta Know

With its “insert either way” simplicity and legacy channel transport, Type-C is the last connector a user will ever need. But the burden’s now on the designer to understand Type-C.

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Signal Integrity in a GHz World

Two sets of dynamics are on a collision course making an often overlooked technical detail—signal integrity on PCBs, cables, connectors, and IC chip sets—more important than ever. When clocks and switching speeds were in the hundreds of megahertz, digital signals implemented in standards like 10/100 Ethernet, USB 2.0, SCSI, PCI and others behaved as expected and systems functioned per spec.

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