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The AL3065 is a high efficiency 4-channel boost controller for WLED backlight applications. It operates over a wide input voltage ranged from 4.5V to 33V.

The current of the 4 channels is simply programmed from 20mA to 400mA with an external resistor. The current match between any channel is ±1.5% (typical). Its operating frequency can be adjusted from 0.1MHz to 1MHz. The AL3065 can support three dimming modes: direct PWM dimming, PWM to analog dimming and DC to analog dimming.

Robust protection features include cycle by cycle current limit, softstart, UVLO, programmable OVP, OTP, open/short LED protection, Schottky Diode Short and Open Protection, Inductor Short-Circuit Protection and VOUT Short protection.

The IC is available in SO-16 package.


  • LCD Monitor
  • LCD Display Module
  • LCD TV


  • Input Voltage Range: 4.5V to 33V
  • Drivers up to 4 Strings in Parallel, 250mA per String, 400mA Pulse Current
  • ±3% Current Precision
  • Low Ripple for Low BOM Cost
  • 4KV HBM ESD Class
  • High Voltage Pins CS and OVP for Safety Test
  • Supports Direct PWM Dimming, PWM to Analog Dimming and DC to Analog Dimming Control
  • Minimum PWM Dimming Duty Cycle can be 1/10,000 at 100Hz Dimming Frequency
  • LED Open/Short Protection
  • Schottky Diode/Inductor Short-Circuit Protection
  • Built-in OCP, OVP, OTP, UVLO, VOUT Short/Schottky Diode Open Protection
  • Totally Lead-Free & Fully RoHS Compliant
  • Halogen and Antimony Free. “Green” Device

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Function Boost Controller with 4- Channel Current Sink
Minimum Input Voltage 4.5 V
Maximum Input Voltage 33 V
Maximum Output Voltage 60 V
Number of Regulated Output Channels 4
Maximum Output Current per Channel 400 mA
Typical Over-Current Protection Current 540/RCS mA
Switching Frequency ADJ 0.1  to  1 MHz
Efficiency 95 %
Quiescent Current 3 mA
Standby Quiescent Current 1 µA
Dimming PWM, DC and PWM to DC
Soft Start Yes
Operating Temperature Range -45 to 85 °C

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Orderable Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
AL3065AS16-13 Arrow Electronics 962 8/11/2020 Buy Now United States
AL3065AS16-13 Digi-Key Electronics 1655 8/11/2020 Buy Now United States
AL3065AS16-13 Mouser Electronics Inc. 5934 8/11/2020 Buy Now United States
AL3065S16-13 Digi-Key Electronics 176 8/11/2020 Buy Now United States
AL3065S16-13 Mouser Electronics Inc. 2820 8/11/2020 Buy Now United States


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