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AN # Unsorted Column Description PDF Date Unsorted Column
AN75 High Power Factor LED Replacement T8 Fluorescent Tube using the AL9910 High Voltage LED Controller PDF (547 KB) 01/2011
AN1056 The Design Guide for AM4963/AM4963R PDF (308 KB) 12/2010
DN97 ZXGD3103 Boosts Set Top Box Power Supply Efficiency, Reduces Heat Dissipation PDF (127 KB) 11/2010
DN98 ZXLD1370 PCB Layout Guidelines PDF (105 KB) 11/2010
AN1055 Design Consideration with AP3407/A PDF (90 KB) 11/2010
AN1051 Design Consideration with AP3409/A PDF (130 KB) 10/2010
AN74 Solar Street Lighting Application with ZXLD1374 PDF (183 KB) 09/2010
AN73 High efficiency DC-DC PoL conversion using the DMS3015SSS PDF (209 KB) 08/2010
AN1053 Design Consideration with AP3039A PDF (528 KB) 07/2010
AN1050 Design Consideration with AP3615 PDF (226 KB) 05/2010
ANL001 High Voltage Implementation of AP3156 for Backlighting LED Driver Applications PDF (195 KB) 03/2010
AN-1010A SBR® Avalanche Energy PDF (114 KB) 03/2010
AN1045 Design Guidelines for Off-line AC-DC Power Supply Using BCD. PWM Controller AP3103 PDF (85 KB) 02/2010
ANP031_AP431 Signal Response In Switch-Mode Power Supply PDF (230 KB) 01/2010
AN242-P Guide to Reset Requirement of IEEE 1149.1 JTAG Test Access Port PDF (46 KB) 11/2009
AN1039_CN Design and Application Notes for AP3768 System Solution (Chinese Translation) PDF (322 KB) 11/2009
AN1031 Design Consideration with AP3031 PDF (223 KB) 10/2009
AN241-P Power Consumption Guide of PI7C9X112SL PCIe®-to-PCI® Reversible Bridge in Normal Mode PDF (105 KB) 09/2009
AN240-P Power Consumption Guide of PI7C9X111SL PCIe®-to-PCI® Reversible Bridge in Normal Mode PDF (105 KB) 09/2009
AN1028 Basic Steps to Design a PSR Flyback Converter Using AP3706/08N PDF (342 KB) 09/2009
AN1039 Design and Application Notes for AP3768 System Solution PDF (286 KB) 09/2009
AN1040 Design of Power Factor Correction Circuit Using AP1661A PDF (369 KB) 09/2009
AN71 Response time reduction of the ZXCT1009 Current Monitor PDF (924 KB) 06/2009
DN92 ZXLD1360 and Super Barrier Rectifier ideally suited for 700mA LED current in MR16 application PDF (194 KB) 06/2009
AN70 Output short-circuit protection on a synchronous rectified flyback converter with the ZXGD3101 controller PDF (113 KB) 04/2009
AN1033 Design Consideration with AP3005 PDF (308 KB) 04/2009
AN1038 WLED Backlighting Solution for Medium LCD Panel Designed with AP3608E+AP3039 PDF (538 KB) 04/2009
AN69 Synchronous rectifier reduces conduction loss in LLC resonant power supplies PDF (175 KB) 03/2009
AN1034 Some Application Hints for AP3406A PDF (328 KB) 03/2009
AN233-P PCIe 2.0 ReDriver: PI2EQX58xx Configuration and Design Guide in Docking, Notebook, SAN Applications PDF (967 KB) 02/2009
AN68 Synchronous MOSFETs selection for Flyback converters PDF (175 KB) 02/2009
ANH013 AH1802 simulation results for Vertical Orientation PDF (399 KB) 01/2009
AN67 Designing with shunt regulators - mixing, adding or summing PDF (383 KB) 12/2008
DN95 2.8A high current LED driving using ZXLD1320 with external power switch PDF (199 KB) 12/2008
AN232-P DisplayPort Switch: PI3VDP612 Layout Guide in Source AUX Channel Application PDF (331 KB) 11/2008
AN231-P PCIe Packet Switch: Product Selection Guide to Multi-Radio Wireless Network Device Application PDF (92 KB) 11/2008
AN54 Energy Star® V2.0 compliant flyback converter using the ZXGD3101 synchronous MOSFET controller PDF (404 KB) 11/2008
AN65 Using the ZXSC310 to drive high power LEDs from 2 alkaline cell with hysteretic UVLO PDF (221 KB) 11/2008
AN66 Designing with Shunt Regulators - AC amplifier PDF (455 KB) 11/2008
DN91 Synchronous rectification improves set top box power supply efficiency PDF (876 KB) 11/2008
DN93 Wide input voltage range SEPIC LED driver using ZXLD1321 with external power switch PDF (166 KB) 11/2008
DN94 High Performance Rectifiers Significantly Improve Server Power Supply Efficiency PDF (484 KB) 11/2008
AN1029 Design Consideration with AP3606/AP3607 PDF (309 KB) 11/2008
AN230-P Video Switch: Design Guide to Video Signal Interface in VGA Application PDF (91 KB) 10/2008
AN229-P SlimLine™ PCIe Packet Switch: PI7C9X20404SL / PI7C9X20303SL / PI7C9X20303UL Design and Layout Guide PDF (92 KB) 10/2008
AN228-P SlimLine™ PCIe Packet Switch: PI7C9X20303SLC and PI7C9X20404SLC Power Consumption Guide in Normal Mode PDF (107 KB) 10/2008
AN227-P PCIe Packet Switch: Compatibility List of PI7C9X20404GP/ PI7C9X20505GP/ PI7C9X20508GP/ PI7C9X20303SL/ PI7C9X20404SL/ PI7C9X20303 PDF (51 KB) 10/2008
AN226-P PCIe Packet Switch: PI7C9X20303ULA Power Consumption Guide in Normal Mode PDF (107 KB) 10/2008
AN215-P ReDriver: Interface SATA signals using PI2EQX3xxx SATA ReDriver™ PDF (535 KB) 10/2008
AN64 Common anode topology with Zetex hysteretic converters PDF (272 KB) 10/2008