Diodes Incorporated


AN # Unsorted Column Description PDF Date Unsorted Column
DN2 Sonar transducer driver using TO92 style bipolar transistors. PDF (72 KB) 06/1995
DN20 Features and applications of the ZVN4210A. PDF (74 KB) 06/1995
DN22 LCD display fluorescent backlighting. PDF (66 KB) 06/1995
DN3 High current high voltage analogue switches. PDF (72 KB) 06/1995
DN4 Temperature effects on silicon semiconductor devices. PDF (69 KB) 06/1995
DN5 Remote control servo amplifier using protection free 1A DC rated SOT23 devices. PDF (69 KB) 06/1995
DN6 6V battery operated fluorescent lamp. PDF (69 KB) 06/1995
DN7 Printer stepper motor drivers. PDF (76 KB) 06/1995
DN8 8W, 12V fluorescent lamp. PDF (76 KB) 06/1995
DN9 Automotive security systems and RF transistor products. PDF (75 KB) 06/1995
AN060-P PCIe Clock Generator: Hardware Implementation Guide for the PI7C8154 PDF (2.5 MB)
TN1 Recommended Soldering Techniques PDF (336 KB)