Diodes Incorporated


AN # Unsorted Column Description PDF Date Unsorted Column
AN1139 PI3WVR13412 DP1.4 HDMI2.0 Mux-Demux Application Note PDF (1.1 MB) 03/2018
AN1138 PI3WVR13612 DP1.4 HDMI2.0 Mux-Demux Application Note PDF (1.4 MB) 03/2018
AN376 PI5USB30213A Type-C Application Information PDF (1023 KB) 02/2018
AN513-P PI5USB31213A in USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C Application PDF (1001 KB) 02/2018
AN1075 Design of Power Factor Correction Circuit Using AP1662 PDF (306 KB) 02/2017
AN1070 Design Guideline and Application Notes of AP1681 System Solution PDF (999 KB) 02/2017
AN1115 Single Stage Primary Side Regulation PFC Controller For LED Driver PDF (665 KB) 02/2017
AN1031 Design Consideration with AP3031 PDF (220 KB) 02/2017
AN1054 Design Consideration with AP3036/A PDF (200 KB) 02/2017
AN1053 Design Consideration with AP3039A PDF (375 KB) 02/2017
AN1069 WLED Backlighting Solution for Medium-sized LED Panel Designed with AP3064 PDF (222 KB) 02/2017
AN1038 WLED Backlighting Solution for Medium LCD Panel Designed with AP3608E+AP3039 PDF (532 KB) 02/2017
AN1058 WLED Backlighting Solution for Medium-sized LCD Panel Designed with AP3616A&AP3039A PDF (335 KB) 02/2017
AN1102 Key MOSFET Parameters for Motor Control Applications PDF (1.4 MB) 09/2016
AN1120 AP3125 Series Application Note PDF (567 KB) 08/2016
AN379-P PI6CDBL401B Low Power PCIe Clock IC Feature Highlights: 70% IO Power-Saving and 16 Built -in Resistors PDF (281 KB) 04/2016
AN378-P PI6C5913004 Lowest Output Jitter Buffer IC Ensuring Performance in 40GE/100GE Designs PDF (128 KB) 04/2016
AN312-P PCI Express Bridge: Guide to Upstream Memory Read Performance Optimization PDF (491 KB) 04/2016
AN377-P PCIe Gen3 ReDriver: PI3EQX8908A Trace Extension, Configuration, and Layout Guide PDF (1.6 MB) 04/2016
AN375-P Real Time Clock Module: Integrated-Crystal Package FAQs PDF (118 KB) 02/2016
DN1151 Start-up Sequencing for Diode’s Gate Drivers PDF (247 KB) 01/2016
DN1152 Gate Driver and MOSFET Compatibility PDF (265 KB) 01/2016
DN1153 Bootstrap Capacitor Considerations PDF (330 KB) 01/2016
DN1154 Use of DGD2106 in IR2106 Applications PDF () 01/2016
DN1155 Use of DGD2103 & DGD2104 in IR2103 & IR2104 Applications PDF (514 KB) 01/2016
DN1156 Gate Drivers in BLDC Motors PDF (568 KB) 01/2016
DN1157 Electronic Cigarette (eCig) Design Note PDF (208 KB) 01/2016
DN1158 200W Resonant Power Supply Reference Design Using the DGD2113 Gate Driver PDF (1.2 MB) 01/2016
AN203 1-Channel Dimmable White Smart Connected Light Bulb Reference Design PDF (1.5 MB) 01/2016
AN204 3-Channel Warm Dimming (WD) / 3-Channel Tunable Color (TC) Smart Connected Light Bulb (SCL) Reference Design PDF (1.3 MB) 01/2016
AN202 AP3983C (PSR Switcher) + AL1791+AL1793 (1-Channel and 3-Channel Linear CCR LED Drivers)
4-Channel White+RGB Tunable Color Smart
PDF (1.9 MB) 11/2015
AN201 2-Channel Tunable White / 1-Channel Dimmable White Smart Connected Light Bulb Reference Design PDF (1.4 MB) 10/2015
AN369-P Pericom 32kHz XO Drive 2-ICs in Sport Camera Design PDF (153 KB) 04/2015
AN1100 Usage of Steady State Thermal Values PDF (467 KB) 03/2015
AN1101 Automotive Reverse Battery Protection Diode PDF (495 KB) 03/2015
AN1135 Load Capacitor Stability Boundary of Shunt Regulator PDF (127 KB) 03/2015
AN1099 Automotive Reverse Battery Protection Diode PDF (380 KB) 02/2015
AN364-P PI2DDR3212 and PI3DDR4212 in DDR3/DDR4 Applications PDF (141 KB) 10/2014
AN362-P PCIE Switch/Re-Driver Terminal Detect Debug Application Note PDF (980 KB) 08/2014
AN1126 1.5A, 1.4MHZ High Efficiency Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter PDF (211 KB) 07/2014
AN1123 600mA Step-Down DC DC Converter with Synchronous Rectifier PDF (232 KB) 06/2014
AN1124 Compact Dual-Phase Synchronous-Rectified Buck Controller PDF (544 KB) 06/2014
AN1125 Single Phase Synchronous Buck Controller PDF (275 KB) 06/2014
AN_PAM2401 1.0MHz Step-Up DC-DC Converter PDF (325 KB) 04/2014
AN359-P Pericom PCIe ReDriver/Repeater Compatibility in a GEN3 Channel PDF (1.8 MB) 03/2014
AN345-P High Speed Layout Guideline PDF (237 KB) 02/2014
AN355-P PI3WVR12412 DP/HDMI Source Application PDF (211 KB) 08/2013
AN347-P Application Note for PI5USB266 Car Charger Design PDF (114 KB) 07/2013
AN348-P PI3PCIE3413 DP Source Reference Design PDF (381 KB) 07/2013
AN349-P PI3WVR12412 DP HDMI Application Information PDF (193 KB) 07/2013