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PI3HDMI101 (Obsolete)

HDMI 2.5Gbps Redriver with I2C Buffer for Source Applications

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Product Description

The PI3HDMI101 1:1 active ReDriver™ circuit is targeted for high-resolution video networks that are based on DVI/HDMITM standards and TMDS signal processing. The PI3HDMI101 is an active ReDriver with Hi-Z outputs. The device receives differential signals from selected video components and drives the video display unit. This solution also provides a unique advanced pre-emphasis technique to increase rise and fall times which are reduced during transmission across long distances.

Each complete HDMI/DVI channel also has slower speed, side band signals, that are required to be switched. Diodes' solution provides a complete solution by integrating the side band buffer together with the high speed buffer in a single solution. Using Equalization at the input of each of the high speed channels, Diodes can successfully eliminate deterministic jitter caused by long cables from the source to the sink. The elimination of the deterministic jitter allows the user to use much longer cables (up to 25 meters).

The maximum DVI/HDMI Bandwidth of 2.5 Gbps provides 36- bit Deep Color™ support, which is offered by HDMI revision 1.3. The PI3HDMI101 also provides enhanced robust ESD/EOS protection of 8kV, which is required by many consumer video networks today.

The Optimized Equalization provides the user a single optimal setting that can provide HDMI compliance for all cable lengths: 1meter to 20meters and color depths of 8bit/ch, or 12bit/ch.

Diodes also offers the ability to fi ne tune the equalization settings in situations where cable length is known. For example, if 25meter cable length is required, Diodes' solution can be adjusted to 16dB EQ to accept 25meter cable length.


  • Supply voltage, VDD = 3.3V ±5%
  • Support for both DVI and HDMITM signals
  • Supports both AC-coupled and DC-coupled inputs
  • Supports Deep ColorTM
  • High Performance, up to 2.5 Gbps per channel
  • 5V Tolerance on I2C path
  • Integrated 50-Ohm (±10%) termination resistors at each high speed signal input
  • Rx Sense Support, CLK-off channel is switched to 250K-Ohm pull-up vs. 50-Ohm pull-up
  • Confi gurable output swing control (400mV, 500mV, 600mV, 750mV, 1000mV)
  • Confi gurable Pre-Emphasis levels (0dB, 1.5dB, 3.5dB, & 6.0dB, 9.0dB)
  • Confi gurable De-Emphasis (0dB, -3.5dB, -6.0dB, -9.5dB)
  • Optimized Equalization Single default setting will support all cable lengths
  • 8kV Contact ESD protection on all input/output data channels per IEC 61000-4-2
  • Hot insertion support on output high speed pins & SCL/SDA pins only
  • Propagation delay ≤ 1ns
  • High Impedance Outputs when disabled
  • Packaging (Pb-free & Green): 42-contact TQFN (ZH42)

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Channels/In 4
Channels/Out 4
Inputs HDMI
Outputs HDMI
Ports/In 1
Ports/Out 1
Power Supply 3.3
Speed (Gbps) 2.5
Type Redriver

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PCN-2594 2022-08-31 2023-02-28 Device End of Life (EOL)
PCN-2328 2018-04-12 2018-10-12 Device End of Life for tray packaging only


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