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PI3G612 (Obsolete)

1.8V/3.3V 6-Channel 2:1 Mux/Demux

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Product Description

The PI3G612 is a 3-port, 6-channel, 1:2 multiplexer/demultiplexer. It features switched 100 K-Ohm active pull-ups on output ports A and B to prevent disconnected floating signals and thereby reduce system noise and power. The Y port can be connected to either the A or B ports, or alternatively both ports can be isolated, disconnected, or all connected. When the EP pin is low, the pull-up transistors are off. When EP is high, the pull-up transistors are on. If EP is not connected, an internal pull-down will turn the pull-up off. If pullups are not used, EP should be connected to ground. The PI3G612 has a wide operating voltage range, very low power consumption and small packaging suitable for mobile, and handheld equipment.


  • Near-Zero propagation delay
  • 5Ω switches connect inputs to outputs
  • Signal passing bandwidth, 400 MHz
  • Rail-to-Rail™ switching
  • 1.8V to 3.3V supply voltage operation
  • Supports live insertion and hot-swap
  • Industrial operating temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC
  • Latch-up performance >250mA per JESD17
  • Packaging: 28-contact TQFN (3.5 x 5.0, 0.5mm pad pitch)


  • Memory card switching
  • Photo printers
  • Mobile devices

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Configuration 6-Channel SPDT
Differential Channels N/A
HotInsertion 1
Lanes N/A
OtherFeatures N/A
Rail-to-Rail 0
Signal Type Single Ended
Single Ended Channels 6
Type N/A
Voltage 1.8-3.3