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Precision Adjustable Current-Limited Power Switches

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The AP22652 and AP22653 are single channel precision adjustable current-limited switches optimized for applications that require precision current limiting, or to provide up to 2.1A of continuous load current during heavy loads/short circuits. These devices offer a programmable current-limit threshold between 125mA and 2665mA (typ) via an external resistor. Current limit accuracy ±10% can be achieved at high current-limit settings. The rise and fall times are controlled to minimize current surges during turn on/off.

The devices have fast short-circuit response time for improved overall system robustness. They provide a complete protection solution for applications subject to heavy capacitive loads and the prospect of short circuit, offering reverse current blocking and limiting, over-current, over-temperature and short-circuit protection, as well as controlled rise time and under-voltage lockout functionality. A 6ms deglitch capability on the open-drain Flag output prevents false over-current reporting and does not require any external components.

The AP22652 and AP22653 limit the output current to a safe level when the output current exceeds current-limit threshold.


  • Set-Top Boxes
  • LCD TVs & Monitors
  • Residential Gateways
  • Laptops, Desktops, Servers, e-Readers, Printers, Docking Stations, HUBs


  • Up to 2.1A Maximum Load Current
  • Accurate Adjustable Current Limit, 125mA to 2665mA
  • ±7% Accurate Adjustable Current Limit, 1.735A with RLIM = 15kΩ
  • Constant-Current (AP22652, AP22653) During Over-Current
  • Fast Short-Circuit Response Time: 5µs (Typ.)

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Maximum Continuous Output Current 2.1 A
Maximum Current Limit 2.665 A
Enable Logic Active High
Minimum Operating Voltage 3 V
Maximum Operating Voltage 5.5 V
Quiescent Current Typ 140 µA
RDS(ON) (VIN = 5V) Typ 65 mΩ
Output Discharge Yes
OCP Output Latch Off Yes
OCP Flag Yes
Operating Ambient Temperature Range -40 to 85 °C
UL Listed Yes
NEMKO IEC 60950-1 CB Yes

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