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Application Notes

AN # Unsorted Column Description Download Date Sorted ascending
AN060-P PCIe Clock Generator: Hardware Implementation Guide for the PI7C8154 PDF (2.5 MB)
TN1 Recommended Soldering Techniques PDF (248 KB)
DN10 3V distress beacon. PDF (75 KB) 06/1995
DN11 Low noise audio input stage. PDF (72 KB) 06/1995
DN12 Ionising smoke detector. PDF (72 KB) 06/1995
DN13 High efficiency hybrid DC-DC converter. PDF (66 KB) 06/1995
DN14 Brushless DC fan driver. PDF (71 KB) 06/1995
DN15 Flashgun converter. PDF (71 KB) 06/1995
DN16 Low dropout linear regulators. PDF (72 KB) 06/1995
DN17 Gaming machine lamp driver. PDF (72 KB) 06/1995
DN18 Emergency lighting fluorescent lamp. PDF (73 KB) 06/1995
DN19 Remote control motor driver. PDF (73 KB) 06/1995
DN2 Sonar transducer driver using TO92 style bipolar transistors. PDF (72 KB) 06/1995
DN20 Features and applications of the ZVN4210A. PDF (74 KB) 06/1995
DN22 LCD display fluorescent backlighting. PDF (66 KB) 06/1995
DN3 High current high voltage analogue switches. PDF (72 KB) 06/1995
DN4 Temperature effects on silicon semiconductor devices. PDF (69 KB) 06/1995
DN5 Remote control servo amplifier using protection free 1A DC rated SOT23 devices. PDF (69 KB) 06/1995
DN6 6V battery operated fluorescent lamp. PDF (69 KB) 06/1995
DN7 Printer stepper motor drivers. PDF (76 KB) 06/1995
DN8 8W, 12V fluorescent lamp. PDF (76 KB) 06/1995
DN9 Automotive security systems and RF transistor products. PDF (75 KB) 06/1995
DN21 Automotive alarm siren driver. PDF (124 KB) 10/1995
DN24 The ZTX413 avalanche transistor. PDF (66 KB) 10/1995
DN25 Flash gun inverter using super E-Line bipolar transistors. PDF (75 KB) 10/1995
AN1 8W fluorescent lamp inverter - compact DC to AC inversion for efficient lighting systems. PDF (46 KB) 10/1995
AN11 Features and applications of the FMMT618 and 619 - high current SOT23 replace SOT89, SOT223 and D-Pak. PDF (451 KB) 10/1995
AN6 The use of Zetex E-line transistors in motor and solenoid driver functions within printers - effective logic to high current loa PDF (113 KB) 11/1995
DN31 High voltage generation for xenon tube applications. PDF (116 KB) 11/1995
AN15 Features and applications of the FMMT617 and FMMT717 SuperSOT" SOT23 bipolar transistors - 3A NPN and 2.5A PNP SOT23 bipolar dev PDF (141 KB) 11/1995
AN7 The use of Zetex E-line transistors in DC-DC converters - an introduction to the E-line package and typical applications. PDF (141 KB) 01/1996
AN8 The ZTX415 avalanche mode transistor - an introduction to characterisation, performance and applications. PDF (337 KB) 01/1996
DN26 D.C. motor speed control using the ZTX450. PDF (118 KB) 01/1996
AN12 The FMMT718 range, features and applications - replacing SOT89, SOT223 and D-Pak products with high current SOT23 bipolar transi PDF (203 KB) 01/1996
AN2 Portable Ni-Cd battery charger - inexpensive load tolerant step-up energy source. PDF (56 KB) 01/1996
AN21 Bipolar transistor considerations for battery powered equipment - leading to efficiency and competitive advantages in portable s PDF (1.8 MB) 01/1996
AN24 An introduction to the SM-8 package. PDF (169 KB) 01/1996
AN5 Super E-line applications in automotive electronics - replacement of large packaged transistors with an enhanced TO92 product. PDF (124 KB) 02/1996
DN27 12V solenoid driver/latch. PDF (70 KB) 02/1996
DN30 High speed turn-off circuit for PNP pass transistors. PDF (73 KB) 02/1996
AN10 Automotive relay drivers using the ZVN4206AV - protection free interfacing with avalanche rated MOSFETs. PDF (279 KB) 03/1996
AN14 transistor considerations for LCD backlighting - high efficiency DC to AC conversion. PDF (409 KB) 03/1996
AN18 Power MOSFET gate driver circuits using high current super-b transistors - 6A pulse rated SOT23 transistors for high frequency M PDF (140 KB) 03/1996
AN22 High frequency DC-DC conversion using high current bipolar transistors - conversion upto 400kHz using optimised geometry bipolar PDF (299 KB) 03/1996
AN23 Zetex SPICE models - understanding model parameters and applications limitations. PDF (295 KB) 03/1996
DN32 A high efficiency constant current source for battery charging applications. PDF (77 KB) 04/1996
DN33 Isolating high side switch for thermal printer SMPS. PDF (66 KB) 04/1996
DN34 High efficiency converter for LCD bias contrast supplies. PDF (62 KB) 04/1996
AN20 Magnetoresistive sensors - theory of operation and applications. PDF (503 KB) 04/1996
DN36 ZDC833A dual variable capacitance diode. PDF (69 KB) 05/1996