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Synchronous Controller

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ZXGD3105N8 synchronous controller is designed for driving a MOSFET as an ideal rectifier. This is to replace a diode for increasing the power transfer efficiency. The device is comprised of a differential amplifier detector stage and high current driver. The detector monitors the reverse voltage of the MOSFET such that if body diode conduction occurs a positive voltage is applied to the MOSFET’s Gate pin. Once the positive voltage is applied to the Gate the MOSFET switches on allowing reverse current flow. The detectors’ output voltage is then proportional to the MOSFET Drain-Source voltage and this is applied to the Gate via the driver. This action provides a rapid MOSFET turn off as Drain current decays to zero.


Flyback and Resonant Converters in:

  • Low Voltage AC / DC Adaptors
  • Set Top Box
  • Computing Power Supplies - ATX and Server PSU
  • Low Voltage DC / DC conversion

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

AEC Qualified Yes
Compliance (Only Automotive supports PPAP) Standard
Supply Voltage VCC (V) 25 V
Quiesent Supply Current (mA) 1.56 mA
Drain Voltage V(V) 100 V
Mode of Operation DCM CrCM CCM
Switching Frequency (kHz) ≤500 kHz
Proportional Gate Drive Control (Y|N) Yes
Turn-On Time TON (ns) 118 ns
Turn-OffThresholdVoltage (mV) 10 mV
Turn-Off Delay Time TOFF (ns) 14 ns
Gate Source Current ISOURCE (A) 4 A
Gate Sink Current ISINK (A) 9 A

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