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ZXCL280H5 (Not Recommended for new design)

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The ZXCL series have been designed with space sensitive systems in mind. They are available in the ultra small SC70-5 package, which is half the size of SOT23 based regulators. The devices can be used with all types of output capacitors including low ESR ceramics and typical dropout voltage, is only 85mV at 50mA load. Supply current is minimised with a ground pin current of only 50μA at full 150mA load. Logic control allows the devices to be shut down, consuming typically less than 10nA. These features make the device ideal for battery powered applications where power economy is critical. For applications requiring improved performance over alternative devices, the ZXCL is also offered in the 5 pin SOT23 package with an industry standard pinout. The devices feature thermal overload and over-current protection and are available with output voltages of 2.5V, 2.6V, 2.8V, 3V, 3.3V.


  • Low 85mV dropout at 50mA load
  • 50μA ground pin current with full 150mA load
  • 2.5, 2.6, 2.8, 3, & 3.3 volts output
  • Very low noise, without bypass capacitor
  • 5-pin SC70 and SOT23 package
  • No-load stable
  • Application(s)

  • Cellular and Cordless phones
  • PDA
  • Hand held instruments
  • Camera, Camcorder, Personal stereo
  • PC cards
  • Portable and battery-powered equipment
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