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ZLPM8012 (Not Recommended for new design)

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The ZLPM8012 is a power management and control solution for satellite set-top boxes (STBs). Based on an efficient boost converter the ZLPM8012 provides the power supply of upto 450mA and all the control signals required by a single port satellite Low Noise Block (LNB). The ZLPM8012 includes an accurate 22kHz tone generator to provide DiSEqC™ control words or continuous tone for band switching control. Control°C by I2C™ and with the minimal external components the ZLPM8012 provides a high performing cost efficient solution.


  • Efficient boost converter providing an accurate adjustable power supplies LNBs
  • Operates from a single rail supply
  • Provides a protected output of up to 450mA
  • Adjustable current limit for system flexibility
  • Designed for stability with low power LNBs
  • Provides standard voltage / tone and DiSEqC™ control signals and allows for regional variations.
  • Internal 22kHz generator for DiSEqC™ control and traditional band switching
  • 22kHz maintains shape across all load conditions
  • Control°C by I2C™ interface
  • Built in multiple diagnostics and protection for IC and LNB protection
  • Minimal external components for a simple, reliable and cost effective solution


  • Single / Dual tuner Satellite Set-top boxes
  • Satellite PC Cards
  • TV’s with integrated satellite tuners
  • Hybrid Set-top boxes

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Iboost No
IC Controls (Enable) I2C
IC Controls (Logic) No
LNB Control (13/18V) Yes
LNB Control (22kHz / DiSEqC™ 1.x) Yes
LNB Control (DiSEqC™ 2) No
LNB Output (LNB Voltage Range) 10.25 to 19.5
LNB Output (Max LNB Current) 550
Protection (LNB Detect) Yes
Protection (Over Current) Yes
Protection (Over Temperature) 150ºC

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