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Water Filled Radiator

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Product Description

The PT8A341x is specially designed for water filled radiator control system. It can drive two relays respectively and detect the heater’s temperature with NTC sensor’s input. It has two ADC input for temperature setting and detecting, and has LEDs for user interface.


  • ON/OFF and TIMER Input Button (PT8A3410/11)
  • VR and NTC1 input for precise ADC
  • 5 LED Indicator (PT8A3410/11) or 2 LED Indicator (PT8A3412/13)
  • Lead free DIP-16 and SOIC-16


  • Manual Resetting Thermal Cut Out
  • Over-Heating Cut Out Auto Resetting
  • No water Over-Heating Cut Out NTC
  • NTC sensor open/close Cut Out 105T
  • 105T Steady Heating (No ON/OFF)
  • Trip Over Safety
  • Auto Self-Check
  • Special Relay Drive Technology, expand the total work-life


  • Water Filled Radiator

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Heating Element Heating Wire
LED @ Heater On Constant
Auto Off No
On/Off Key Two keys (ON-OFF key plus 1 function key)
Driver Type Relay

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