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5-port, 8-lane, PCIe Packet Switch with GreenPacket Technology (Not Recommended for New Design)

Not Recommended for New Design

Product Description

The PI7C9X20508GP is a 5-port, 8-lane, PCI Express® Packet Switch specifically designed to meet the latest GREEN low-power, lead (Pb)-free system requirements, such as laptop, docking station, and other mobile or power sensitive platforms. The name of the family, GreenPacket™, refers to Diodes proprietary power saving technology.

The PI7C9X20508GP provides one upstream port supporting x4 or x1, and 4 downstream ports that support x1 operation. The flexible upstream port provides users the flexibility to expand or fanout from a wide range of I/O Bridge such as MCH, ICH, nVidia, and it is a suitable solution for HBA, Surveillance, Combo card and other applications. 

Industry Specifications

  • Compliance PCI Express® Base Specification, Revision 1.1
  • PCI Express CEM Specification, Revision 1.1
  • PCI-to-PCI® Bridge Architecture Specification, Rev 1.2
  • Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) Specification
  • PCI Standard Hot-Plug Controller (SHPC) and Subsystem Specification Revision 1.0 


  • Non-blocking full-wired switching capability at 16 Gbps when all 4 lanes are enabled
  • Peer-to-peer switching between any 2 downstream ports
  • Reliability, Availability and Serviceability 
    • Supports Data Poisoning and End-to-End CRC
    • Advanced Error Reporting and Logging
    • Hot Plug support
    • IEEE 1149.6 JTAG interface support 
  • Link Power Management  
    • Supports L0, L0s, L1, L2, L2/L3Ready and L3 link power state
    • Active state power management for L0s and L1 state
    • Beacon or Wake# support in L2 state 
  • Device State Power Management
    • Supports D0, D3Hot and D3Cold
    • 3.3V Aux Power support in D3Cold power state 
  • Port Arbitration: Round Robin (RR), Weighted RR and Time-based Weighted RR 
  • Extended Virtual Channel capability: 
    • Two Virtual Channels (VC) and Eight Traffic Class (TC) support
    • Non-enabled VC buffer assigned to enabled VCs for resource sharing
    • Independent TC/VC mapping per each port 
    • Provides VC arbitration selections: Strict Priority, Round Robin (RR) and Programmable Weighted RR
  • Supports Isochronous Traffic 
    • Isochronous traffic class mapped to VC1 only
    • Strict time based credit policing 
  • Header/Data queue at each VC of each port 
    • Four-entry non-posted request header and data (VC0 only) queue
    • Four-entry posted request header queue
    • Four-entry completion header queue
    • 512-byte posted write data buffer
    • 512-byte completed read data buffer 
  • Supports up to 256-byte maximum payload size
  • Power Dissipation: 1.0W typical in L0 normal mode
  • Industrial Temperature Range -40° to 85°
  • Package: 17x17mm, 256-pin PBGA, w/1.0mm ball pitch - Pb free and 100% Green.

Enhanced Features

  • Programmable Driver Current and De-Emphasis Level at each individual port
  • 150ns typical latency for packet running through switch without blocking
  • Supports “Cut-through”(Default) as well as “Store and Forward” mode for switching packets
  • Supports up to 256-byte maximum payload size
  • Advanced Power Savings 
    • Empty downstream ports are set to idle
    • Clock to corresponding circuit is turned off when any port enters L1 or ASPM L1 

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Ports 5
Lanes 8
Power 0.85
Latency 150
Temperature -40 to 85

Technical Documents

Recommended Soldering Techniques


Product Change Notices

PCN # Issue Date Subject
11-19 2011-09-26 Copper wire qualification for copper bondwire process on ZD24, ZH20, FC64, FB48 and FD100 package types at Greatek and NJ100 at ASEM assembly sites completed.