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PI6C2405A-1H (Not Recommended for New Design (NRND))

NRND = Not Recommended for New Design

3.3V, 5 Output Zero-Delay Clock Driver with Internal Feedback and High Drive

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Product Description

The PI6C2405A is a PLL based, zero-delay buffer, with the ability to distribute five outputs of up to 133MHz at 3.3V. All the outputs are distributed from a single clock input CLKIN and output OUT0 performs zero delay by connecting a feedback to PLL.

An internal feedback on OUT0 is used to synchronize the outputs to the input; the relationship between loading of this signal and the outputs determines the input-output delay. PI6C2405A is able to track spread spectrum clocking for EMI reduction. PI6C2405A is characterized for both commercial and industrial operation.

PI6C2405A-1H is a high-drive version of PI6C2405A-1


  • Maximum rated frequency: 133 MHz
  • Low cycle-to-cycle jitter
  • Input to output delay, less than 300ps
  • Internal feedback allows outputs to be synchronized to the clock input
  • 5V tolerant input*
  • Spread spectrum clock ready
  • Operates at 3.3V VDD
  • Packaging (Pb-free & Green available):
    -8-pin, 150-mil SOIC (W)
    -8-pin, 173-mil TSSOP (L)

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Compliance(Only Automotive supports PPAP) Standard
Function Zero-Delay Buffer
Number of Outputs 5
Output Type(s) TTL
Maximum Output Frequency (MHz) 133
Additive Jitter (ps) N/A
Supply Voltage (V) 3.3
Input Type(s) TTL
Skew (ps) 250
Ambient or Junction Temperature (°C) 0 to 70 °C

Technical Documents

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Product Change Notices (PCNs)

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PCN # Issue Date Implementation Date Subject
PCN-2642 2023-09-05 2024-03-05 Device End of Life (EOL)
PCN-2510 2021-02-26 2021-05-26 Qualified Additional A/T Sites, Fab Site and Data Sheet Change