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PI4IOE5V9570 (Obsolete)

4-bits IO expander with 1MHz I2C

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Product Description

The PI4IOE5V9570 is a CMOS device that provides 4bits of General Purpose parallel Output (GPO) expansion in low voltage processor and handheld battery powered mobile applications. It operates at 1 MHz I2C-bus speeds while maintaining backward compatibility to Fast-mode (400 kHz) and Standard-mode (100 kHz). The PI4IOE5V9570 is a streamlined GPO that consists of 4-bit push-pull outputs that offer low current consumption, small packaging options The PI4IOE5V9570 output expander provides a simple solution when additional outputs are needed while keeping interconnections and floor space to a minimum, for example, in battery powered mobile applications where PCBs are crowded for interfacing to sensors, push buttons, etc. The PI4IOE5V9570 contains an internal Power-On Reset (POR) and a Software Reset feature that initializes the device to its default state.


  • Operation power supply voltage from 2.3V to 5.5V
  • 4-bit I2C-bus GPO
  • 1 MHz I2C-bus interface with 30 mA SDA sink capability for 4000pF
  • Latched outputs with 25mA capability for directly driving LEDs
  • Software Reset; Power-on reset
  • Low standby current
  • ESD protection (4KV HBM and 1KV CDM)
  • Offered in two different packages:UQFN 1.6x1.6- 8,MSOP-8

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Compliance (Only Automotive supports PPAP) Standard
Analog or Digital? Digital
Voltage 2.2V/5V
Single Ended Channels 4
Signal Type Single Ended
Configuration 4 bits
Ambient or Junction Temperature (°C) -40 to 85

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Product Change Notices (PCNs)

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PCN # Issue Date Implementation Date Subject
PCN-2448 2020-02-05 2020-08-05 Device End of Life (EOL)