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The PAM8106 is a 10W / ch stereo class-D audio amplifier with Spread-Spectrum modulation, which offers high-quality low THD+N, low EMI, and high PSRR

PAM8106 runs off of a 4.5V to 15V supply with high efficiency up to 92% to eliminate the heat-sink. With advanced EMI suppression by Spread-Spectrum Modulation (SSM) technology, PAM8106 requires only inexpensive ferrite bead filters for audio outputs while meeting EMC requirements for overall system cost reduction.

PAM8106 integrates Non Clipping Power Limit (NCPL) technology which adjust the gain and eliminate the output signal clip due to the over-level input signal. PAM8106 also offers low THD+N and protects the speaker from damage.

PAM8106 is fully protected against faults with short circuit protection and thermal shutdown as well as under-voltage and DC input protection.

The PAM8106 is available in a W-QFN5050-32 (Standard) package.


  • Flat Monitor & LCD TVs 
  • Multi-Media Speaker System
  • DVD Players, Game Machines
  • Boom Box & Consumer Electronics related application
  • Music Instruments
  • BT, Wifi, AI Audio


  • 4.5V to 15V Operation 
  • 10Wx2 into a 8Ω speaker with 12V Supply
  • 4Ω Impedance Driving Capability
  • Built-in Non-Clipping Power Limit (NCPL)
  • High SNR, High PSRR, 
  • Over 92% Efficiency
  • Low Noise, Low THD+N
  • Low Quiescent Current
  • Pop noise suppression
  • Spread Spectrum Modulation(SSM) 
  • OCP, OTP, OVP, UVLO, Short-Circuit and DC input Protection
  • Pb-Free Package (RoHS Compliant) outline, W-QFN5050-32 (Standard)

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Minimum VDD (V) 4.5
Qualified to AECQ10x No
Automotive Compliant PPAP No
Maximum VDD 15 V
IQ 15 mA
Power/CH (W) @ THD=10% 10
Power/CH (W) @ THD=1% 8
Mono or Stereo Stereo
Class-D or AB D
Power Limit Yes
Anti-Sat N/A
Headphone Out N/A
Efficiency 92 %
Volume/ Gain AGC
Gain Min N/A dB
Gain Max 32 dB
SNR 95 dB
PSRR 70 dB
Special Feature N/A

Technical Documents

Recommended Soldering Techniques


Orderable Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
PAM8106TVR Digi-Key Electronics 1918 9/27/2020 Buy Now United States
PAM8106TVR Mouser Electronics Inc. 5761 9/27/2020 Buy Now United States


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