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AP65450 (Not Recommended for new design)

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The AP65450 is an adaptive constant on-time mode synchronous buck converter providing high efficiency, excellent transient response and high DC output accuracy for low-voltage regulation in digital TV and monitor.
The constant-on-time control scheme handles wide input/output voltage ratios and provides low external component count. The internal proprietary circuit enables the device to adopt both low equivalent series resistance (ESR) output capacitors, such as SP-CAP or POSCAP and ultra-low ESR ceramic capacitors.
The adaptive on-time control supports seamless transition between continuous conduction mode (CCM) at higher load conditions and discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) at lighter load conditions. DCM allows AP65450 to maintain high efficiency at light load conditions. The AP65450 also features programmable soft-start, UVLO, OTP and OCP to protect the circuit.
This IC is available in SO-8EP package


  • Gaming Consoles
  • Flat Screen TV Sets and Monitors
  • Set-Top Boxes
  • Distributed power systems
  • Home Audio
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Network Systems
  • FPGA, DSP and ASIC Supplies
  • Green Electronics

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Efficiency (%) 92
Frequency Typ (Hz) 650
HS RDS(ON) (mΩ) 75
LS RDS(ON) (mΩ) 36
MaximumInput Voltage (V) 18
MinimumInput Voltage (V) 4.5
Output Current (mA) 4
Output Voltage (V) 0.76 to 6
Quiescent Current Typ (mA) 0.9
Shutdown Current Typ (µA) 3.6
Type Buck

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PCN-2519 2021-05-20 2021-11-20 Device End of Life (EOL)


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