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The AP65355 is an adaptive constant on-time mode synchronous buck converter providing high efficiency, excellent transient response and high DC output accuracy for low-voltage regulation in digital TV and monitor. The constant-on-time control scheme handles wide input/output voltage ratios and provides low external component count. The internal proprietary circuit enables the device to adopt both low equivalent series resistance (ESR) output capacitors, such as SP-CAP or POSCAP and ultra-low ESR ceramic capacitors. The AP65355 features programmable soft-start, UVLO, OTP, high voltage tolerance EN pin, Power Good and OCP to protect the circuit. This IC is available in DFN3030-10 package.


Point of Load power


  • Fixed Frequency Emulated Constant On-time Control
  • Good Stability Independent of the Output Capacitor ESR
  • Fast Load Transient Response
  • Synchronous Rectification: 90mΩ Internal High-side Switch and 57mΩ Internal Low-side Switch
  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 4.5V to 18V
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.76V to 6V
  • 3A Continuous Output Current
  • 650kHz Switching Frequency
  • Built-in Over Current Limit
  • Support Power Good Pin
  • High Voltage Tolerance EN pin
  • Built-in Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • Programmable Soft-start
  • Pre-biased Start-up

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Type Buck
Efficiency 92 %
HS RDS(ON) 90 mΩ
LS RDS(ON) 57 mΩ
Frequency Typ 650 kHz
Minimum Input Voltage 4.5 V
Maximum Input Voltage 18 V
Output Current 3 A
Output Voltage 0.76 to 6 V
Quiescent Current Typ 0.6 mA
Shutdown Current Typ 1 µA

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Orderable Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
AP65355FN-7 Mouser Electronics Inc. 2900 8/11/2020 Buy Now United States


Product Change Notices

PCN # Issue Date Subject
PCN-2427 2019-10-15 Device End of Life (EOL)