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The AP63200/AP63201/AP63203/AP63205 are 2A, synchronous buck converters with a wide input voltage range of 3.8V to 32V and fully integrates a 125mΩ high-side power MOSFET and a 68mΩ low-side power MOSFET to provide high-efficiency step-down DC/DC conversion.

The AP63200/AP63201/AP63203/AP63205 devices are easily used by minimizing the external component count due to their adoption of peak current mode control along with its integrated compensation network.

The AP63200/AP63201/AP63203/AP63205 have optimized designs for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) reduction. The converter features Frequency Spread Spectrum (FSS) with a switching frequency jitter of ±6%, which reduces EMI by not allowing emitted energy to stay in any one frequency for a significant period of time. They also have a proprietary gate driver scheme to resist switching node ringing without sacrificing MOSFET turn-on and turn-off times, which further erases high-frequency radiated EMI noise caused by MOSFET switching.

The devices are available in a low-profile, TSOT26 package.


  • White Goods and Small Home Appliance
  • Power Tools and Laser Printers
  • Industrial Power
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Flat Screen TV Sets and Monitors
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Home Audio
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Network Systems
  • FPGA, DSP, and ASIC Supplies
  • 12V and 24V Distributed Power Bus Supplies


· VIN 3.8V to 32V

· 2A Continuous Output Current

· 0.8V ± 1% Reference Voltage

· 22µA Ultralow Quiescent Current

· Switching Frequency

o 500kHz: AP63200 and AP63201

o 1.1MHz: AP63203 and AP63205

· Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Regardless of Output Load

o AP63201

· Supports Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM)

o AP63200, AP63203, and AP63205

o Up to 80% Efficiency at 1mA Light Load

o Up to 88% Efficiency at 5mA Light Load

· Fixed Output Voltage

o 3.3V: AP63203

o 5.0V: AP63205

· Proprietary Gate Driver Design for Best EMI Reduction

· Frequency Spread Spectrum (FSS) to Reduce EMI

· Precision Enable Threshold to Adjust UVLO

· Protection Circuitry

o Overvoltage Protection

o Cycle-by-Cycle Peak Current Limit

o Thermal Shutdown

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Type Buck
Efficiency 93 %
HS RDS(ON) 125 mΩ
LS RDS(ON) 68 mΩ
Frequency Typ 1100 kHz
Minimum Input Voltage 3.8 V
Maximum Input Voltage 32 V
Output Current 2 A
Output Voltage 3.3 V
Quiescent Current Typ 0.022 mA
Shutdown Current Typ 1 µA

Technical Documents

Evaluation Board User Guides

Recommended Soldering Techniques


Orderable Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
AP63203WU-7 Mouser Electronics Inc. 8134 7/5/2020 Buy Now United States
AP63203WU-7 Digi-Key Electronics 12483 7/4/2020 Buy Now United States
AP63203WU-EVM Mouser Electronics Inc. 5 7/5/2020 Buy Now United States
AP63203WU-EVM Digi-Key Electronics 13 7/4/2020 Buy Now United States