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The AP3776B is a high performance AC/DC power supply controller for battery charger and adapter applications. It can meet less than 10mW standby power for “Super Star” charger criteria. The device uses Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) method to build discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) flyback power supplies.
The AP3776B provides accurate constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC) and outstanding dynamic performance without requiring an opto-coupler. It also eliminates the need of loop compensation circuitry while maintaining stability.
The AP3776B achieves excellent regulation and high average efficiency, less than 10mW no-load power consumption and less than 1s startup time. When AP3776B is used with AP4341, APR343 or APR3415, good under-shoot performance and higher conversion efficiency can be achieved.
The AP3776B is available in SO-8 package.


  • Adapter/Chargers for Shaver, Cell/Cordless Phones, PDAs, MP3 and Other Portable Apparatus
  • Standby and Auxiliary Power Supplies


Primary Side Control for Eliminating Opto-coupler
10mW No-load Input Power
Compensation for External Component Temperature Variations
Flyback Topology in DCM Operation
Random Frequency Adjustment to Reduce System EMI
Semi-valley Turn on for the Higher Efficiency
Built-in Soft Start
Over Voltage Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Short Circuit Protection
AP4341, APR343 or APR3415 Awaking Signal Detection
Audio Noise Reduction
Internal Cable Compensation
SO-8 Package
Totally Lead-Free & Fully RoHS Compliant
Halogen and Antimony Free. “Green” Device

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

VCC Max 28 V
Startup Current 0.2 µA
UVLO Threshold on/off 13/6.1 V
Operating Current 280 µA
Standby Power 10 mW
Power Rating 15 W
Cable Compensation 3%

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Orderable Part Number Authorized Distributor Quantity Inventory Date Buy Online Region
AP3776BMTR-G1 Digi-Key Electronics 1141 8/11/2020 Buy Now United States
AP3776BMTR-G1 Mouser Electronics Inc. 2460 8/11/2020 Buy Now United States