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The AP3015/A are Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) DC/DC converters. These two devices are functionally equivalent except the switching current limit. The AP3015 is designed for higher power systems with 350mA current limit, and the AP3015A is for lower power systems with 100mA current limit. The AP3015/A feature a wide input voltage. The operation voltage is ranged from 1.2Vto 12V (1V to 12V for AP3015A). A current limited, fixed off-time control scheme conserves operating current, resulting in high efficiency over a broad range of load current. They also feature low quiescent current, switching current limiting, low temperature coefficient, etc. Fewer tiny external components are required in the applications to save space and lower cost. Furthermore, to ease its use in differnet systems, a disable terminal is designed to turn on or turn off the chip. The AP3015/A are available in SOT-23-5 package.


· Low Quiescent Current In Active Mode (Not Switching): 17μA Typical In Shutdown Mode: <1μA · Low Operating VIN 1.2V Typical for AP3015 1.0V Typical for AP3015A · Low VCESAT Switch 200mV Typical at 300mA for AP3015 70mV Typical at 70mA for AP3015A · High Output Voltage: up to 34V · Fixed Off-Time Control · Switching Current Limiting 350mA Typical for AP3015 100mA Typical for AP3015A · Operating Temperature Range: -40oC to 85oC


· MP3, MP4 · Battery Power Supply System · LCD/OLED Bias Supply · Handheld Device · Portable Communication Device

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

MinimumInput Voltage (V) 1 V
MaximumInput Voltage (V) 12 V
Minimum Output Voltage (V) ADJ V
Maximum Output Voltage (V) 34 V
HS RDS(ON) (mΩ) N/A mΩ
LS RDS(ON) (mΩ) N/A mΩ
Quiescent Current Typ (mA) 0.017 mA
Shutdown Current Typ (µA) 1 µA
Type Boost
Output Current (mA) 0.1 A
Frequency Typ (Hz) 150K Hz
Efficiency (%) 81 %

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