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1.6x Linear DC Fan and Motor Driver with Adjutable Output Voltage

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The AP2113 is a low dropout high performance linear regulator which is specially designed to drive a DC fan, the regulator delivers output current 600mA in minimum. The AP2113 provides low quiescent current consumption 70μA, over current limit protection and load short current protection with fold-back limitation 50mA, which are ideal for battery powered system application.


  • Output Voltage in Adjustable Mode Follows 1.6 Times of VSET - (VOUT/VSET=1.6±3%)
  • Low Quiescent Current: 70μA (Typ)
  • Guarantee 0.6A Continuous Load
  • Switchable Adjustable Mode/Full Speed Mode
  • Over Current Protection
  • Short Current Protection with Fold-back Limitation: 50mA
  • Low Dropout Voltage: - 150mV @ 600mA (Typ) at Full Speed Mode - 200mV @ 600mA (Typ) at Adjustable Mode
  • OTSD Protection
  • Stable with 1.0μF Flexible Caps: Ceramic, Tantalum and Aluminum Electrolytic
  • Operation Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C
  • ESD: MM 300V, HBM 6000V
  • Application(s)

  • Notebook Computer Fan Driver
  • Motherboards
  • Peripheral Cards
  • Product Specifications

    Product Parameters

    Operating Input Voltage (V) 2.5 V
    SupplyCurrent (mA) 0.07 mA
    Average OutputDrive Current (mA) 600 mA
    Peak Output Current (mA) 1000 mA
    Output Voltage (V) 1.6x VSET V
    Speed Control Full Speed or Adjutable
    Other Protection Features Over Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection with Foldback, Thermal Shutdwon
    Operating Ambient Temperature (°C) -40 to 85 °C

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