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AM4951R (Obsolete)

Single Phase 12V BLDC Smart Fan and Motor Driver

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The AM4951/R/2 series is a single-phase BTL output fan motor driver designed by bipolar process. This IC features high efficiency, silent operation and includes lock shutdown and automatic restart functions. When the motor is under lock condition, the lock shutdown function turns off the output current. When the lock condition is removed, the IC will restart automatically and allow DC fan to run. It is applied for high reliability and low noise application, such as personal computers, notebook, car audio, CPU cooling systems and power supplies in consumer electronics systems.


  • BTL Output Single-phase Full-wave Linear Drive (Gain Resistor=1k to 360kΩ, Gain=51dB)
  • Support Low-voltage Drive and Feature a Wide Usable Voltage Range (2.2V to 24V)
  • Low Saturation Output (High Side and Low Side Saturation Voltage): VSAT_TOTAL=1.2V (typical, IOUT=200mA)
  • Built-in Lock Protection and Automatic Restart Circuits
  • Built-in FG/RD Output
  • Built-in Hall Sensor Bias (AM4952 Only, VHB=1.5V)
  • Thermal Protection Circuit
  • Small-sized, High Thermal Capacity Package
  • Application(s)

  • Notebook, Personal Computers
  • Power Supplies in Consumer Electronics, Car Audio and Office Peripherals
  • CPU Cooling Systems
  • Product Specifications

    Product Parameters

    Average OutputDrive Current (mA) N/A
    Frequency Generator (FG) and Rotation Detect RD
    Hall Bias Voltage (V) N/A
    Lock Detect, Shut-Down and Auto Start Yes
    Operating Ambient Temperature (°C) -40 to 105
    Operating Voltage (V) 2.2 to 24
    Other Protection Features Thermal Shutdown
    Peak Output Current (mA) 500
    Reference Voltage Output (V) N/A
    Speed Control VDD
    Speed Control Slope Adjust N/A
    SupplyCurrent (mA) 5

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