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Transition Mode PFC LED Controller

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The AL6562A is a current mode Power Factor Correction Controller and is designed for operating in Transition Mode. With a superior linear performance multiplier, it ensures the device operates over a wide input voltage range with superior THD (Total Harmonics Distortion). The output voltage is controlled by means of an error amplifier and a precise (1% @ TJ = +25°C) internal voltage reference.

The AL6562A is designed to meet stringent energy-saving standards with low start-up current, and can operate with low current consumption when entering stand-by mode.

OVP circuitry increases system robustness, allowing the device to withstand transient caused at start-up and during load-disconnects.


  • Single Stage PFC Controller
  • Transition Mode Operation
  • Low Start-Up, Operating and Quiescent Currents
  • Internal Start-Up Timer
  • Enable/Disable Function on INV Input
  • Totem Pole, Push-Pull Output Drive
  • Adjustable Output Overvoltage Protection
  • SO-8 package
  • Totally Lead-Free & Fully RoHS Compliant
  • Halogen and Antimony Free. “Green” Device


  • Electronic Single-Stage LED Driver
  • PFC Pre-Regulators for:
    • IEC61000-3-2 Compliant SMPS (Flat TV, Monitors, Desktop PC, Games)
    • HI-END AC-DC Adapter/Charger up to 350W
    • Electronic Ballast
    • Entry Level Server & Web Server

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Minimum Input AC Voltage (VAC) 85
Maximum Input AC Voltage (VAC) 305
Maximum DC VDD (VDC) 24
LED Current (mA) External MOSFET
Frequency (kHz) N/A
Accuracy (%) 1.5 %
Efficiency (%) 90 %
Dimming N/A
SupplyCurrent (mA) 3.5 mA
Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 125 °C

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