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How Multi-Channel Linear LED Drivers Transform Color Mixing and Dimming New Post

The adoption of LEDs has revolutionized lighting across a huge range of applications, with massively reduced power consumption and increased reliability.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability New Post

From our last Sustainability Report we’ve further improved our practices to be more environmentally aware and proactive in the communities we operate in, and where our employees live and work.

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40V MOSFET Delivers Efficiency Gains for Electric Vehicles

Right now, the automotive industry is going through a big transformation as it rapidly shifts from internal combustion engines to battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs).

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Precision Op Amps Handle Automotive Signal Conditioning Demands

It’s become commonplace to think of cars as computers on wheels—with many high-profile industry figures using such terminology. But that can be a misleading comparison, as analog signals are just as important as digital computing in the automotive industry.

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Blog page thumbnail Harnessing PCIe 3.0 for In Vehicle High Speed Connections

Harnessing PCIe® 3.0 For In-Vehicle High-Speed Connections

As cars increasingly add new electronic capabilities and applications (such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), intelligent cockpits, telematics, and infotainment), the in-vehicle systems must keep up.

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Blog page thumbnail Small Efficient PoL Converters for Automotive Applications

Small, Efficient PoL Converters for Automotive Applications

As today’s cars are putting more and more demands on their electrical power systems, they must achieve high efficiency to reduce heat dissipation and cut electricity consumption. At the same time, they need to be small enough to fit wherever needed, with suitable performance and flexibility.

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PI2MEQX2505 All In One Laptop

ReDrivers™ Ensure Signal Integrity for MIPI-Compliant Cameras

Today’s high-speed interconnects achieve ever-higher data rates into the Gbps range. However, this introduces more design complexity.

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How a Robust Peripheral Driver Reduces Power Dissipation

We are surrounded by sophisticated electronic components; in our homes, cars, and gadgets. But these devices are only useful when they control or respond to something in the real world.

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Brushed Motors Are Not Going Away cover photo

Brushed Motors Are Not Going Away

Even when not taking into account the electrification of the drivetrain, the number of electric motors in the average car is increasing significantly.

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Emily Yang

Women and Leadership in the Technology Industry With Emily Yang, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing

Emily Yang is a member of the Global Semiconductor Association. She also serves on the Women’s Leadership Initiative and is an industry mentor.

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