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PI3EQXDP1201 (Obsolete)

DisplayPort1.2 Redriver with Link Training Listener

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Product Description

PI3EQXDP1201 provides the ability to reduce signal jitter by transmission line effects to enable longer cable length on the 5.4Gbps DisplayPort1.2 signals. Built-in Sync_Request_Auto_Test mode enables users to complete Displayort link status through Aux channels in minutes.

Intergrated AUX decoder can support Displayport link training. It can decipher the link training message and automatically configure Displayport differential signal outputs with the best pre-emphasis and output swing level settings.

Displayport Aux decoder enable to configure Equalization setting for the different Displayport cable lengths automatically through link traning process.


  • VESA DisplayPort 1.2 standard compliant Redriver for HBR2(5.4Gbps), HBR (2.7Gbps), RBR(1.62Gbps)
  • Dual mode DisplayPort inputs/outputs
  • FAUX signal pass-through with low signal degradation
  • Built-in AUX listener supports link training, output level and pre-emphasis configuration during the link initialization
  • Sink Request Auto Test Mode through Aux Channels
  • Dynamic EQ through Aux configuration register programming for deterministic jitter reduction
  • Hot Plug and Cable Detection function
  • AUX and DDC combo switch
  • Automatic low power down state machine for each lane
  • Dedicated pin or SMBus control mode for Equalization setting control
  • Internally Biased AC coupled in AUX channel
  • Single 3.3V or 1.5V/3.3V power sources
  • Integrated ESD protection
  • Independent squelch per lane
  • Package : 48-pin TQFN, 7mm x 7mm


Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Channels/In 4
Channels/Out 4
Inputs DP++
Ports/In 1
Outputs DP++
Ports/Out 1
Speed (Gbps) 5.4
Power Supply 3.3, 3.3/1.2
Type Redriver

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Orderable Part Number Status Package Temp Range ℃ Pb (Lead) Free Packing Request
Qty. Carrier Samples Material Report (SGS)
PI3EQXDP1201ZBE Obsolete TQFN-48 -40 to 85 Yes 260 TRAY
PI3EQXDP1201ZBEX Obsolete TQFN-48 -40 to 85 Yes 3000 T/R


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