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NPN, 100V, 2.5A, SOT23

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Advanced process capability and package design have been used to maximise the power handling and performance of this small outline transistor. The compact size and ratings of this device make it ideally suited to applications where space is at a premium.


  • Motor control
  • DC fans
  • DC-DC converters
  • Lamp, relay, and solenoid driving
  • Product Specifications

    Product Parameters

    Category Low Saturation Transistor
    Compliance(Only Automotive supports PPAP) Standard
    Polarity NPN
    VCEO, VCES (V) 100
    IC (A) 2.5
    ICM (A) 3
    PD (W) 1.25
    hFE (Min) 300
    hFE (@ IC) (A) 0.01
    hFE(Min 2) 40
    hFE (@ IC2) (A) 1
    VCE(sat) Max (mV) 170
    VCE(SAT) (@ IC/IB) (A/mA) 0.5/10
    VCE(sat) (Max.2) (mV) 95
    VCE(sat) (@ IC/IB2) (A/mA) 1/100
    fT (MHz) 175
    RCE(sat) (mΩ) 86

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    Product Change Notices

    PCN # Issue Date Implementation Date Subject
    PCN-2305 2018-02-28 2018-05-28 Addition of A Passivation Layer Over The Top Metal of The Die for Selected BJT Devices