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ZMY20M (Obsolete)

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The ZMY20M is an extremely sensitive magnetic sensor employing the magneto-resistive effect of thin film permalloy. It allows the measurement of magnetic fields or the detection of magnetic parts. The highly sensitive and small size magnetoresistive sensors consist of chip covered with thin film permalloy stripes. These stripes form a Wheatstone bridge, whose output voltage is proportional to the magnetic field component Hy. The required perpendicular field Hx which is necessary to stabilize sensor operation, is created by an internal permanent magnet.


  • Package: SOT223
  • Supply voltage 12V
  • Internal magnet for creation of auxiliary field Hx
  • Available on 12mm tape
  • Application(s)

  • Linear position measurement
  • Angular position measurement
  • Navigation (electronic compass)
  • Revolution measurement
  • Product Specifications

    Product Parameters

    Angular Accuracy -
    HY or HROT -
    Internal Magnet Yes
    Maximum Offset ±1.5
    Maximum Supply Voltage (V) 12
    Number of Sensors 1
    Operating Ambient Temperature (°C) -25 to 125
    Sensitivity (mv/V) 5.5/(kA/m)
    Typical Bridge Resistance 1.7
    Typical Output Voltage 18

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