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TDMA-Based 3-Player Remote Controller

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Product Description

The PT8A6301/PT8A6311 provides a simple solution for three transmitters controlling three RC cars in TDMA mode. When 3 controllers transmit code signals, signal occurrence of the 3 players are interlaced in most time because space of adjacent 2 frames is different in 3 transmitters. In Rx section, each PT8A6311 can distinguish its own code signal according to channel ID. Finally the effective codes will be decoded and FORWARD, BACKWARD, RIGHT, LEFT, F1, F2 signals are sent out to drive external device. Additionally the PT8A6311 provides clock output for DC/DC or other function.


  • The PT8A6301 works as the encoder and the PT8A6311 works as the decoder
  • Supports three players in the same RF frequency
  • CRC check
  • On-chip oscillator with external ceramic crystal (6301) and external RC (6311)
  • Provide clock output 125kHz
  • Internal pull-up resistors for functional input pins
  • Very low power supply voltage: 1.0V to 2.6V for PT8A6311
  • Few external components needed

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Encoder/Decoder Decoder
Min Operating Voltage 1
Max Operating Voltage 2.6
Remark Use with PT8A6301

Technical Documents

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