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Ceramic Heating Controller(LCD)

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Product Description

The PT8A335xA/B is special designed for ceramic heating control with 11 temperature levels(show as below function comparison table). It can drive SCR directly and detect heater temperature by heater-self without extra temperature sensor. It has 3 keys for function setting. LCD displays and backlight indicate the working status. Build-in timer will be auto-power off after power on 1 hour for 60Hz or 1.2 hour for 50Hz.


  • High watt density Alumina Heaters
  • Pulse trigger with high current for SCR
  • Quickly Heat-Up and Quickly Lost-Heat Recover
  • External adjustable to fit wide range heating plates
  • External adjustable to fit TCR of sensors
  • Full temperature compensation and insensitive to
    environment temperature
  • Internal zener
  • 11 heat temperature settings
  • Auto power off for PT8A3351/3/5/7
  • Backlights for indicating work status
  • LCD screen for showing temperature setting
  • Dual Temperature (Fahrenheit/Centigrade) Display
  • Wet function: It will keep heating on state to level
  • Dual voltage (120V/240V) operations.
  • Support 3 keys, on/off, up and down
  • SOIC-24, QFN-24 and TSSOP-24 package


  • Ceramic heating controller

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Heating Element MCH
LED @ Heater On Remark
Auto Off No
On/Off Key Three Keys (ON & OFF Key, Up/Down Key)
Driver Type SCR

Technical Documents

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