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4-Channel GTL level shifter & transceiver

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The PI4GTL2014 is a 4-bit translating transceiver designed for 3.3 V LVTTL system interface with a GTL-/GTL/GTL+ bus, where GTL-/GTL/GTL+ refers to the reference voltage of the GTL bus and the input/output voltage thresholds associated with it.


  • Operates as a 4-bit GTL-/GTL/GTL+ sampling receiver or as a LVTTL to GTL-/GTL/GTL+ driver
  • 3.0 V to 3.6 V operation with 5 V tolerant LVTTL input
  • GTL input and output 3.6 V tolerant
  • Vref adjustable from 0.5 V to VCC /2
  • Partial power-down permitted


  • Server/Storage/Networking

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Temperature (c) -40 to 85
Analog or Digital? Digital
Single Ended Channels 4
Signal Type Single Ended
Voltage 0.8V/5.5V
Configuration GTL Level shifter, 4ch
Rail To Rail 0

Technical Documents

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