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8.1Gbps 4-Lane DP 1.4/ HDMI 2.0 Switch


PI3WVR13412 is a multi-standard video switch wide voltage range capability. It supports DisplayPort 1.3/1.4, HDMI2.0 standards. PI3WVR13612 also switches DDC and HPD signals for HDMI or AUX and HPD signals for DisplayPort. 

The PI3WVR13412 can pass high-speed signals up to 1.2 V peak-to-peak differential with a common-mode voltage from 0 to 3.4V for TMDS signal.

The wide voltage range allows DC-coupled multi-standard operation. Eliminating AC coupling capacitors saves board space and improves signal integrity for dense PCB design.

In addition to four high-speed lanes, PI3WVR13412 also switches the DDC and HPD signals or AUX and HPD signals using the DDC/ AUX and HPD channel mux/demux.


  • DisplayPort 1.3/1.4, HDMI 2.0 Electrical Standard Compatible
  • 4-Lane, 1:2 and 2:1 Switches that Support RBR, HBR1, HBR2, and HBR3
  • Data Rate: 8.1 Gbps for High-Speed Channels
  • Supports DDC with HPD channel mux/demux @ HDMI
  • Supports 720 Mbps high-speed DP AUX @ DP
  • -1.6 dB Insertion Loss for high-speed channels @ 4.05 GHz
  • -3 dB Bandwidth for high-speed channels: 7 GHz
  • Return loss for high-speed channels @ 4.05 GHz: -11 dB
  • Low Crosstalk for high-speed channels: -35 dB@4.05 GHz
  • Low Off Isolation for high-speed channels: -20 dB@4.05 GHz
  • Low channel-to-channel skew, 35ps max
  • Low Bit-to-Bit Skew, 5ps typ (between '+' and '-' bits)
  • VDD Operating Range: 3.3V +/-10%
  • ESD Tolerance: 1.5kV HBM
  • Packaging (Pb-free & Green): 42 TQFN (ZHE)


  • NP PC
  • Monitors
  • Docking
  • Graphics cards
  • AIO PC
  • Desktop PC
  • Video displays
  • Routing of DisplayPort video signals with low signal attenuation between source and sink for PC and monitor.

  • Routing of HDMI 2.0 video signals with low signal attenuation between source and sink for 4K2K ultra high definition video display and broadcast video equipment.

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Analog or Digital? Analog
Configuration 1:2/2:1 Mux/Demux
Differential Channels 8,4
HotInsertion N/A
Lanes 8,4
Signal Type Differential
Single Ended Channels N/A
Voltage 3.3
Ambient or Junction Temperature (°C) 0 to 105

Technical Documents

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Recommended Soldering Techniques


Our HDMI & DisplayPort switches are targeted for high resolution video networks that are based on DVI/HDMI/DP standards and TMDS signal processing. 

USB 3.2 with Power Delivery over USB Type-C (whitepaper)

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