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4-Channel 2:1 Mux/DeMux, Enable Low 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V, High Bandwidth, Hot Plug

NOTE: Datasheet may not yet reflect updated package obsolescence/phase out status or Package Drawing. Please refer to the PRODUCT OPTIONS tab for the most up to date package options and drawings. Please refer to PCN/PDN tabs for most current package obsolescence/phase out status.
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Product Description

The PI3CH480 is a 4-channel, 2:1 Multiplexer/ Demultiplexer with 3-state outputs. The switch introduces no additional ground bounce noise or propagation delay. The PI3CH480 device is very useful in switching signals that have high bandwidth (500 MHz).


  • Near-Zero propagation delay
  • 5-ohm switches connect inputs to outputs
  • High signal passing bandwidth (500 MHz)
  • Beyond Rail-to-Rail switching
    • 0 to 5V switching with 3.3V power supply
    • 0 to 3.3V switching with 2.5V power supply
  • 5V I/O tolerant with supply in OFF and ON state
  • 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V supply voltage operation
  • Hot Insertion Capable
  • Industrial Operating Temperature: –40ºC to +85ºC
  • 8kV ESD Protection (human body model)
  • Latch-up Performance: >200mA per JESD17
  • Packaging (Pb-free & Green available):
    • 16-pin 173-mil wide plastic TSSOP (L)
    • 16-pin 150-mil wide plastic QSOP (Q)

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Configuration Mux: Quad 2-Channel
Differential Channels N/A
HotInsertion 1
Lanes N/A
OtherFeatures N/A
RailToRail 0
Signal Type Single Ended
Single Ended Channels 2
Type N/A
Voltage 3.3

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Technical Documents

Design tool model software

Recommended Soldering Techniques


Additional Technical Documents are available upon request: 
Application information, Evaluation board, and Other technical documents

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Qty. Carrier
PI3CH480LE Active TSSOP-16 GREEN 96 TUBE Request Sample
PI3CH480LEX Active TSSOP-16 GREEN 2500 T&R Request Sample
PI3CH480QE Active QSOP-16 GREEN 97 TUBE Request Sample
PI3CH480QEX Active QSOP-16 GREEN 2500 T&R Request Sample
PI3CH480ZHDEX Active U-QFN3030-16 GREEN 3500 T&R Request Sample

Environmental Compliance Legend:
LFF: Pb-Free Finish and RoHS 5/6
TLFP: Totally Pb-Free Product and RoHS 6/6
LFGP: Pb-free Finish and Green Product, RoHS 5/6 and Halogen Free
TPGP: Totally Pb-Free and Green Product, RoHS 6/6 and Halogen Free
GREEN: Halogen-free and RoHS compliant
RoHS: RoHS compliant but NOT halogen-free


Product Change Notices

PCN # Issue Date Subject
16-12 2016-06-02 Adding two internal assembly and test sites: Diodes Technology (Chengdu) Company Limited (CAT) located in Chengdu, China and Diodes SKE/DSH (Shanghai Kaihong Electronic Co./Diodes Inc. Shanghai) (SAT) located in Shanghai, China.
13-04.A 2013-09-06 Amended PCN # 13-04 which states that these packages: TSSOP (L08, L14, L16, L24), SSOP (H20), QSOP (Q16, Q20, Q24), SOIC (W08, W14, W16) and TQFN (ZL72) will be assembled using copper wire. Pericom has changed the business plan and we now intend to use gold wire only for particular products while the rest remains using copper wire.
10-03 2010-06-17 Removal of back mark
16-26 2016-10-31 Adding JCET (Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd) in Suqian, China as an additional supplier for devices in TSSOP, MSOP, SOIC, QSOP packages.
13-09 2013-07-01 Revision of PI3CHxxxxx will be upgraded to support broader application. We also would like to reactivate the obsolete parts using the new die and copper wire.
13-04 2013-01-24 Copper wire qualification for copper bond wire process for various TSSOP (L08, L14, L16, L24), SSOP (H20), QSOP (Q16, Q20, Q24), SOIC (W08, W14, W16) and TQFN (ZL72) packages at Greatek assembly site.
15-07 2015-07-28 Porting from MagnaChip's Fab 2 to Fab 3 and converting some products from Au to Cu wire
16-08 2016-05-20 Update some of our package outline drawing dimensions to align with JEDEC standards (with some exceptions) on few packages to accommodate the POD’s of our existing assembly suppliers and own assembly factories
10-01 2010-03-18 Adding Changjiang Electronics Technology Co. (“CJ”) assembly facility in China to our qualified supplier list of IC package subcontract manufacturers.
16-22 2016-10-07 Change the tape and reel quantity multiple for the following package types from 3,000 to 2,500: TSSOP-8, -14, -16 (L), QSOP-16, -20 (Q), MQSOP-8 (UE), SOICP-8, -14, -16 (W) pins
Change the tape and reel quantity multiple for the following package types from 4,000 to 2,500: MQSOP-8, -10 (U) pins
PCN-2466 2020-07-02 Package Change and Additional Qualified Plating Source


Discontinued parts in this family

Obsolete Part # View PDN Package Comment Note
PI3CH480L PDN 07-0501 L16 Contact Product Sales See other Bus Switch products
PI3CH480Q PDN 07-0501 Q Contact Product Sales See other Bus Switch products