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USB Type-C Ultra-Low-THD Audio and Data Switch Array

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PI3A6386 includes a dual, single-pole double throw (SPDT) switch for high-speed USB signal and high quality audio signal. It can be used in USB Type-C D+/D- switching for USB signal in data mode and analog audio signal in audio accessory mode.

The audio path with negative signal handling capability has a very low THD of -110dB for high-quality audio requirement. It also has a programmable soft-start/soft-stop feature to eliminate the click/pop sounds of DC-coupled audio signals. The data path has a high USB bandwidth of 1GHZ for USH High Speed signals.

PI3A6386 can also detect the microphone signals in SBU1 and SBU2, and automaticlaly route them to the correct inputs of microphone amplifier. Separate switches for microphone negative input and audio signal ground can minimize the crosstalk & echo between audio output signals and microphone input signals. Sideband switches can be configured to route SBU1 and SBU2 for sideband usage. 


  • Notebook, PC
  • Cell Phones, PDAs, MP3 Players
  • Portable Instrumentation 


  • Support USB High Speed (480Mbps) and Full Speed (12Mbps) Signaling Capability per USB 2.0
  • USB switches: High bandwidth (1GHz) & Low On-Resistance (5ohm)
  • Audio switches: Low On-Resistance (1ohm)
  • Support USB Type-C Audio Accessory Mode per USB Type-C Cable and Connector Specification 1.1
  • Low Distortion (THD: -110dB from 20Hz to 20kHz, 2.0VRMS, 32ohm load)
  • Negative Signal (+/-3V) Handling Capability
  • Programmable soft-start and soft-stop time to eliminate click/pop sounds of DC-coupled audio signals
  • High Off Isolation: -85dB @ 30kHz
  • Autonomous microphone and ground lines switching
  • Separate Ground switches for microphone and audio to minimize crosstalk
  • Sideband switches
  • I2C control
  • Wide VDD Range: 1.7V to 5.5V
  • ESD: 4Kv for HBM mode, 1kV for CDM mode
  • Extended Industrial Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C

Product Specifications

Product Parameters

Compliance(Only Automotive supports PPAP) Standard
Configuration 1-Differential Channel 2:1, 1-Differential Channel 3:1
Differential Channels 2
HotInsertion 1
Lanes N/A
OtherFeatures N
RailToRail 1
Signal Type Differential
Single Ended Channels 0
Voltage 1.7-5.5

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Environmental Compliance Legend:
LFF: Pb-Free Finish and RoHS 5/6
TLFP: Totally Pb-Free Product and RoHS 6/6
LFGP: Pb-free Finish and Green Product, RoHS 5/6 and Halogen Free
TPGP: Totally Pb-Free and Green Product, RoHS 6/6 and Halogen Free
GREEN: Halogen-free and RoHS compliant
RoHS: RoHS compliant but NOT halogen-free


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